Good Kids Happen On Purpose

I am  thinking of changing the name of this blog….maybe to “Whatever is True.” I haven’t totally decided yet but don’t be surprised if the name of this blog changes. Actually, don’t be surprised if lots of things change as I am just learning how to set up this blog and am very “untechie”! The reason I am thinking of changing the name of the blog is that the title might limit the audience to just homeschoolers. I am thinking of having “Homeschool Teens” as a category instead of the name of this blog.

My vision for this blog is not to just discuss homeschooling (cirriculum and teaching) but shepherding our children’s hearts. People ask us sometimes how we have kids that don’t date and don’t party? How come our kids actually like to be at home? We get comments on how are kids have so many interests and are involved in so many things (art, music, building stuff, hiking, camping).

We are known as the home that has the rules (IPODS and phones go in a special basket when you come over, computers are passworded, DVD’s have to be approved by parents, mostly Christian and classical music are played in our home). We have zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs. Our kids are happy but do this struggle? Yes. Do they like the rules? Not always but ultimately if you ask them they will say yes they are ok with all the rules. Do friends like coming to our house? Yes, the kids have many wonderful like-minded friends. Like attracts like. However, some friends are not ok with the rules here and never come back. Those are few. The friends that come to our home like being in our home. We actually give our kids lots of liberties too. Being homeschooled, some of our kids’ friends live out of town. We got to extremes to bring those kids here for period of time. We are happy to do that. I can trust my teens, when I go to bed and they have friends over. I can go to bed and leave them up late watching movies and playing games etc. It is a good feeling.

Have we struggled? Yes! The “friendly IPOD and phone basket” (it actually has a colourful label with those words 🙂 ) has been a struggle. No one likes giving up their phone. That took a while to implement and there are still a few friends who try to conveniently forget to drop off their phone; but for the most part the kids are really great and respectful about it. (Just to note: I do not confiscate their devices, the goal is to have a central place where they can come and text beside the basket at any time or show someone something on their phone. The goal is to promote social interaction without distraction).

We have struggled in all the areas, mentioned above, to some degree and I will blog on some of those struggles in a separate post. But for now, I want to say that it is not ME that has produced wonderful kids. It is God. I have to seek the Lord constantly for guidance. They are not perfect and we are not without challenges. My handbook for parenting is the Word of God. The bible. No apologies or exception. God is good. All the time.



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