Women’s Retreat

So I am on the mend….up and about today, however I am looking forward when coffee tastes good again! Carlee, just completed her National Lifeguard safety course. Six weeks of hard work and she is done. She was carried with lots of prayer and encouragement from friends. So happy for her!

Carlee and I are off to a Women’s Retreat, in Ness Lake (Prince George, BC). Carlee has been battling an upset tummy and fatigue today but we are praying and believing we will be ready to go at 11:00 am tomorrow feeling well and healthy! I have been going to this retreat for 16 years, missing only three years, I think. The first time I went, I took Carlee with me. She was six months old (she is now almost 17!) and it was an amazing weekend. I was a new Christian and that is the weekend I received much healing and was water-baptized. This annual retreat has become a mother and daughter retreat. Four of my good friends and myself are all bringing our daughters. It is a weekend of worship (wonderful music and dancing), prayer, quiet time, fellowship and teaching. My very good friend from Vanderhoof, Anne Klassen, is the key speaker. I am so excited. I am going expecting all of us to meet with God and be filled up to overflowing with his Holy Spirit! It will be a precious time…….so needed, time away with God. If you cannot get to a retreat, make sure you make time for Him. Make your own special time with God. Just sit in his presence for a few minutes a day and talk to Him. He is ready to listen!

4 thoughts on “Women’s Retreat

  1. Carol Anne Schmuck

    Retreats can do the body and soul good. I went on a few, when I was in high School. Very refreshing.
    I know you will have a goos time.

    Love…Carol Anne


  2. Julie

    Carlee and Loretta, have a wonderful time at the retreat! Greet any mutual Vanderhoof friends for me!
    I am appreciating your blog; keep it up!



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