What are your thoughts on dating?

So this is a new category! For some reason the other night this blog was keeping my brain awake in bed! But I had this thought….”What about including my kids and all their friends in this blog?” Not being blog savvy, I am not sure this format will work but we are going to try. I have asked a few younger generation people to comment on my first question: “What are your thoughts on dating?” Be honest. Feel free to write your thoughts and challenges. Feel free to comment on each other’s post. (You have to be a follower to comment). If I haven’t asked you personally to write a post, feel free to write one and send it to me in a facebook message or email. I would love to hear from you! I am going to cut and paste all my responses into the “Very Interesting Discussions” Category and post them as them come in. Thanks in advance to all of you who are brave enough to add to the discussion!



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