What are Your Thoughts on Dating – by Kieran (age 13)


I think that dating is something that should prepare you for marriage. Dating shouldn’t be something that you do just for the fun of it, or just to say that your dating someone. Because if that’s the case then that shows that your maturity level isn’t very high and that your definitely not ready to have a relationship. While dating someone or in a relationship God should be a very high priority. You need God during every stage of your life, especially at this stage. Dating can eventually lead to marriage, you have to know if the person that your dating is the one that God has for you. Dating at a young age can be hard. If you start dating someone at the age of 13 there is a 90% chance that you won’t be with that person in the future. Dating at early ages in life can be very painful, you can have had your heart broken numerous times. Then come time when you meet someone who absolutely loves and cherishes you, your heart would have been broken so many times that you expect the next relationship to just go the same. So you just go along for the ride and think nothing about it. Its hard to mend a broken heart. Some very important things to have in a relationship (that I think anyways) are- learning to communicate well, being honest, having God be the main focus, being creative, not being selfish, having great respect for each other, setting and keeping boundaries, being loyal, and lastly but certainly least leastly, be kind/compassionate/loving. Its not rocket science, no one likes being treated badly and like they don’t matter.
Kieran (age 13)


4 thoughts on “What are Your Thoughts on Dating – by Kieran (age 13)

  1. Barbara Shenk

    I just read the one about being 13 and dating and I think you did a really good job! I think that you have put some thought into it and I want to encourage you to stand by what you believe and God will really bless you!!!
    Enjoy life with lots of friends in groups! It is much safer that way too:-)



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