Does God leave us when we sin?

“Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light; for fear his deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.” John: 3-20

I am a Christian; I have raised my children to use the Word of God as their handbook for life and they all do. There is no question in their hearts that the Bible has all the answers they will ever need in life. They read it daily, willingly, without me telling them too. This was a habit that needed to be developed but I can honestly say that they are in the Word often more than I am. I know as long as they run to the Word of God in the hard times they will be ok. I take no credit for this….as it is all God’s doing.

To me, and I am no scholar, this verse does not mean that a person who commits sin hates God. This is talking about someone who knows he is sinning and is a partner in it AND does not care that he is separated from God. The desire of our hearts (and I am speaking for my kids and I and I think most believers) is to live by the Truth. We make a conscious choice to be in the Word and to live by it and  to align ourselves with the will of God and his righteousness. Sometimes we are oppressed by the enemy of God (Satan…not possessed but oppressed).  Sometimes we fight with our human self-will. Whichever the case, we fall can fall into sin. But we know we are there and we don’t like it. We all have sin like that in our lives. Some sin just looks worse than other sin, but in God’s eyes sin is sin. Gossip is on the same scale as stealing or cheating or whatever. We will never be free of sin until we get to heaven. But Jesus came to take the burden of our sin and to pay for our sin. HE paid for it already. We run to Him again. Over and over and over…. always and forever. We develop a life habits of which will safeguard us more. Some safeguards are prayer, reading our bible, worship, surrounding ourselves with like-minded Godly friends and keeping our relationships right with our parents and the level of respect healthy (it is pretty clear in God’s Word when this is broken, that things will not go well for us). We develop habits like guarding our eyes, minds and hearts. We do whatever it takes not to open that door to that sin that plagues us even a crack which will allow the enemy to slip in just a bit because he is really good and swinging that door wide open.

God’s love for us is endless. David, in the bible was a repeated sinner. He knew it. He just kept going to God, crying out for mercy and praising him in the really hard times. God used him powerfully. He forgave him repeatedly and loved him deeply.

God loves you so much that he gave you His only son so you could be free from the condemnation of sin. All you need to do is believe it. That’s it. What a gift.

Chose life again. Chose God’s way again. Chose holiness again and again and again. This is living the truth so that others can see “plainly that what he has done has been done through God” (above verse). God is waiting always. There is nothing more that moves my heart than when one of my children says “I’m sorry”. This is the same for God. There is nothing more that moves my heart than when my child cries. My arms open up and I just want to take away the pain. That is the same with God but on a level we cannot humanly comprehend. Go to Him. Let him hold you and let him take your pain (whether it be sin, sickness or whatever). There is freedom in God’s love and embrace, but there and ONLY there will you be truly free.

One thought on “Does God leave us when we sin?

  1. Julie Biever

    I love you, Loretta. You are such a true friend. Thanks for sharing your heart.
    You are truly amazing with your kids and other kids. Hope to hug you soon.



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