My Thoughts on Dating – By Daymon (age 14)

Hi everyone, I know we have moved onto the topic of modesty but here is another post by a young man on his thoughts on dating. Make sure to watch his recommended YouTube link as well! ~ Loretta

 Dating, in my opinion, is when a young boy and a young girl are in a certain kind of relationship for a prolonged period of time that will most likely end in sorrow and despair. It will cause stress on their lives and it will cause unwanted drama. It messes with priorities and it will mess with their minds. People think it’s cute or that it’s a sign of maturing, but the fact is, if they aren’t mature enough to handle and nourish a relationship of this sort yet than they aren’t ready. Even if they can prove that they can keep a relationship, will they last long enough to get married? Are they really actually in love? Many kids now can go through 8-10 relationships per year. It makes you think, are they dating because they can, or are they actually in love and the other is not? Which again will cause it to end in sorrow and despair. So my opinion on dating is if you want to stay clean physically and spiritually and lead a good life that will bring you joy and happiness, date to marry, don’t date just to date.

This is my personal opinion, and if you want to you should look up a song called “Take it easy” by Beautiful Eulogy.  Cut and paste this link into your browser:



3 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Dating – By Daymon (age 14)

  1. lorettabouillon Post author

    Daymon, this was a really good message. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on dating. That is a really cool song too. I had to find a version that showed the lyrics because there was a lot of them!



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