Modesty – The Truth about Bikinis

I am enclosing a Youtube link which I found about a year ago about the history of the bikini.  The young woman, Jessica Rey, in the video is educated with her MBA; she is an actress and a fashion designer who’s tag line is “Who says it has to be Itsy bitsy?” She speaks about how mosdesty is often met with disdain but believes that modesty does not have to be “frumpy dumpy”. Her fashion inspiration is Audrey Hepburn who is timeless, classy, refined and glamorous. She also dresssed modestly with style. If you have already seen this video I encourage you to watch it again. Each time I watch it, I hear something different. I encouarage the guys to watch it as well!







One thought on “Modesty – The Truth about Bikinis

  1. Barbara Shenk

    Good and interesting. I don’t think any woman wants to be used or looked at just for her body!!
    I have heard that it is hard for very beautiful women, when men chase them, because they feel that the men are only after them for the way their body looks and NOT FOR WHO THEY REALLY ARE!!!



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