A Bit About My Kids – Maxx

I suppose I assumed everyone reading this blog knew who my kids were but apparently not! Here is a little introduction on my oldest son: (I will post on my other two children separately)


He is 18 years old. He was homeschooled up until grade 10 which is when he went to the public school here. He took a year between high school and university which was a good thing. Spending two months in fall in Ottawa, with good friends, Maxx gained some independence. He drove in 5 lane traffic, learned how to take public transit (we have no such thing here in Hudson’s Hope! ) He found a church on his own (with really great music) and attended a young adults group and met some new friends.  He worked some odd jobs, did some portage camping and even drove to New York City with his Uncle Wayne! (I am so jealous 🙂  )

Although Maxx really enjoyed his experiences in Ottawa, he came back home with a new outlook. He decided not to got to BCIT in Vancouver, for school, as he did not want to live in a big city or live that far away from family and his home. He had a new appreciation of the area he lived in (northern British Columbia, Peace River area) and he realized that his home is a refuge . That was music to my ears! He said that he always heard me say, ” I want our home to be a refuge”, meaning home was a place to feel safe; feel God,  and take a break from the pressures of the world. That does not mean that our home is necessarily quiet, it is often anything but with lots of the kids’ friends here. However, our day starts slow, with time with God as a group and alone. It is easier to be a Christian at home he said. We are free to invite God to be a part of our day all day long.

In this year, Maxx has been working as a lifeguard in the next town over in Chetwynd, BC. It was a crash course in winter driving. All winter, Maxx’s car has been filled with camping equipment because instead of driving home if he had two shifts in a row, he would find a spot and camp. No tent, just a “lean-to”. If it was -20 it was more fun for him. It was always reachable by text….sometimes I would text him at 10:00pm and ask what he was doing and he would say, “playing my harmonica or reading” (usually his bible). “Where did this kid come from?” His dad would say to me. 🙂

These days, he straps the kayak onto the roof of his Honda Civic and stops at a lake on the way to work. He will hike some hill or mountain along the way. Yes, I worry about bears or him going missing, like any mom would, but ultimately it generates a lot of prayer! He feels closer to God in nature which is a good thing. Some parents worry about their kids out at parties and wonder who they are with etc…I worry about him up some mountain.

Maxx is a kind and gentle young man of God finding his way in the world. He will be attending UNBC, in September for Forestry. I will miss him like crazy but I am excited to see what God has in store for him.


3 thoughts on “A Bit About My Kids – Maxx

  1. Kathleen Potje

    What a lovely description of your first born and my first grandchild. Am so proud of you as a Mother and of Maxx as a fine young man. He is entering a whole new world ? May God Bless and guide him on this new journey.


  2. Angela

    What a gift from God to be blessed with responsible kids…in a world where most parents have to worry about the people in their children’s lives…it’s pleasure to be praying for them as we know they are most likely fishing, hiking and be adventurous with good friends.



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