Fashionably Modest by Katie (age 19)

Hi! Loretta, here…. This is Katie’s view on modesty. Great job, Katie…thanks for not giving up on this piece…I know was not an easy one to write! ~~love, Mamma B.

Modesty and Fashion

Warning: Possibly strong opinions 😉

To start with I had the most stupidly, hardest time writing this post. For me I can be very Bias on topics like these. I really believe in trying to have an open mind either way. Getting on topic, Fashion and me aren’t really good friends, I don’t think I really have a style. I have clothes I like to wear, and ones that I save for when I run out of clean laundry. Yet another reason I had so much trouble writing this post. So finally I decided to go to the basics and move on from there. Modesty: behavior, manner, or appearance intended to avoid impropriety or indecency. (Bearing in mind this post is on appearance and modesty) Socially our cultures views have changed on modesty greatly in a very short period of time, 100 years ago it was immodest to show anything above the ankle, nowadays its immodest if your short shorts are too short. (Not that I wear short shorts… I really haven’t got the legs for them) in our culture (modesty is different depending on your culture for sure) it’s often hard to find a nice balance.

To begin with I think it’s important for guys to dress modestly as well. It’s not as hard for them to find decent clothes so they should really know better. If I were a guy, or better yet if I am a girl observing a guy (which I am but not in the way I made it sound) here are three things I look out for…

1) Baggy pants that show off underwear are not only immodest (and kind of stupid looking, sorry) but also very hard (I imagine) to do things in.

2) Speedos are inappropriate, unless you’re an Olympic swimmer and are required to wear them to create less resistance, or whatever

3) If it’s hot out and you take your shirt off, are you doing it because it’s hot out? Or because there is a cute girl walking by? (intent and clothing, or lack of, is huge)

Basically guy’s modesty isn’t as hard to achieve for you, and people unfortunately are judged by appearances.

Girls, one rule comes to mind, If you have to make up an excuse for what you’re wearing you probably shouldn’t be wearing it. In The video Mama B posted it makes several very good points, but my favorite quote is this “My Goal is to disapprove the age old notion that when it comes to swimsuits, less is more and that you can dress modestly without sacrificing fashion,” (Jessica Rey “Truths about Bikinis”) I think this qualifies for all clothing types, you can dress modestly and still look classy.


I too like Carlee and Grace have rules for myself when It comes to what I wear, but this depends on who you are and your beliefs and I respect that. (Also like Carlee (thanks to Grace for the great set of rules) I’m doing the easier version by copying and pasting but with a few personal tweaks)

1. Nothing strapless (lots of summer dresses and even prom dresses can pull this off but it does require a certain body type and style, style of the dress that is.)

2. With my hands at my side, I should be able to touch the hem of my shorts. (I’d also say it’s ok for a couple centimeters either way)

3. Nothing that shows cleavage. (If you are like me and have a bigger chest then you’ll know unless you wear turtle necks all the time this is very hard to achieve, for me I try to (being a little indelicate here) limit the amount seen the best I can by wearing tank tops underneath, or a specific bra.)

4. Nothing that shows midsection.

5. The shortest skirt I’d wear about an inch above the knee.

On the topic of bathing suits I believe in wearing something you truly feel comfortable in (for me its boy swimming shorts and a tank, but that is mostly because of my body type) Also if a giant wave comes up or you jump into the pool what are the chances of you being able to keep your suit on? And once again what is the intention behind what you’re wearing? Modesty and fashion definitely go hand in hand, who was it who said the clothes make the woman? I think it’s the woman who makes the clothes. God made us in his likeness and in the bible it says our bodies are his temple, What we feel about ourselves is reflected by what we wear.

I’m sorry it took me so long to get these thoughts out, and I’m equally sorry if I was more than a little blunt.



4 thoughts on “Fashionably Modest by Katie (age 19)

  1. Toni Sandford

    Katie I appreciate your candid opinion. I also respect the views from Carlee, Grace and Loretta. I think the most valuable aspect is that people are thinking about it. That, in itself , is a very honorable atribute as Im not sure its much of a topic beung discussed these days. Im glad you mentioned the chesty part because i always find it a challenge to not boil to death for the sake of covering up, to the chin. We need to be careful also to not put our thoughts, acts and convictions on others but simply be true to our own.


    1. standinginthestorm

      Thanks 🙂 yah I know what you mean that was why I mentioned respecting others views and beliefs, because when it comes to modesty its more a culture thing then anything else, I mean look at hutterites and then look at some of the tribes in Africa, what would they have to say on this topic I wonder?


  2. Grace

    I love that you put the bit about guys’ modesty in there too, it’s been bugging me for a while. 🙂 Excellent job dearie.


  3. Barbara Shenk

    I do not think that you were that blunt but had a lot of good things to say. Bless you as you continue to look to God and not the world for how to dress.



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