Fashionably Modest – By Amanda (age 15)


So I’ll get right to the point my fashion sense isn’t great but I like to
think my fashion sense isn’t the worst. Basically my clothing choice consists
of is it clean? how much effort does it take to put on? and is it warm?
(because I am constantly cold.)
I believe people can dress fashionably and modest, because modest isn’t
always what you wear but also how you carry yourself. Also there are many
fashionable clothes that are modest in the world. I think modest fashion is
determined on the matter of people’s opinions not always Gods, I don’t
believe God will look down on someone because they wear mismatched socks or
belly button shirts.
I think people should wear what they are comfortable with and what does not
make others uncomfortable (like bikini’s). I believe everyone has
their own opinion and are entitled to wear what they chose.
So back on topic and to conclude my short speech, modesty is not always
fashionable, and fashion isn’t always modest. But if you are
comfortable in what you wear, respect yourself, and wear the clothes you do for
you not someone else, the two are possible.


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