There are no words…..

HMMMNNNNN… do I explain my Jonah? Jonah was my easiest birth and most content baby. On the other hand he is the child who got into EVERYTHING and that had the most time-outs as a kid. He is very strong willed which when chanelled in the right direction translates into a super-creative, personable idea man!

Let’s take a normal day of school with Jonah. He is homeschooled which allows a certain set of freedoms. Jonah could be doing an assignment but suddenly this familiar look comes over his face and he says the notorious “I have an idea!” I recongize the look. I know I am going to lose him for a time. I need to let him go. He needs to create whatever invention has popped into his mind. He will wander into the kitchen and start pulling out some chemicals….(baking soda, vinegar…you get the picture) OR go rummage through is “electrical bin” to begin building some gadget OR both to work on a project that involves a remote-controlled explosion. Some days he will end up in the shop and I will hear the grinder or saw or hammering or something. Other times he will beg me to go to the dump or the thrift store or the hardware store to get the certain piece he absolutely NEEDS to make his creation possible. It is all learning, freedom of expression and a good lesson in flexibility and patience on for mom!

Maxx and Jonah making a dog house

Jonah and Maxx’s homemade go cart…completed with a sound system


Jonah loves his time with the Junior Canadian Rangers. He has hiked mountains, taken trips to cadet/army bases and learned all sorts of new skills and met interesting people. He even got to fly to Edmonton to the Daisy Air Rifle shooting contest last month. He loves building camps and doing exploring with his brother, Maxx. He could live off the land if need be, I am sure.

Jonah is my third child to get hired at our local outdoor pool. He will be working as a casual Jr. Lifeguard this summer. We are so blessed to have such a lovely pool which is my aquafit haven and employment to my children! (and they are my aquafit instructors 🙂 )

He loves God/Jesus. Loves his bible. Since Jonah was baptized in the lake 2 summers ago, he began reading his bible before bed. Jonah always had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep as a child. Recently someone asked me if he still struggled at night. I realized that I think there is a definate connection to when he starting reading his bible at night…he began sleeping better. It has become a discipline with Jonah. I never have to tell him. Actually, sometimes I hear myself saying…turn out the light and go to bed! and then I catch myself……the kid is reading his bible! I marvel at it actually, because I had nothing to do with it (well I did give him a “camo” bible which is pretty cool. I know this is where Jonah’s strength comes from.

Junior Canadian Ranger Hike with Dad - Battleship Mountain

Junior Canadian Ranger Hike with Dad – Battleship Mountain

A day in the life of Jonah and Maxx

A day in the life of Jonah and Maxx

4 thoughts on “Jonah

  1. Carol Anne Schmuck

    Hi Lorie,

    I am so proud of you and your children…of course Dan deserves some of the credit also.
    They are great extra-ordinary ‘kids’. God Love ’em!!

    Love…Carol Anne


  2. Barbara Shenk

    Love these posts about the kids!!! Got to know each of them better and enjoy who God made them. Enjoyed seeing a little deeper into your wonderful family!!!!
    Love you all!!!



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