A Flashback

Have you ever had this thought that triggers a song you once knew from a long time ago? I was reading my bible this morning and came across this verse: “God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God and God in Him.” 1 John 4:16…Pretty simple. Pretty clear. It got me thinking….

i grew up in the Roman Catholic church. (Today I am a member of the Full Gospel Church). However, I have some fond memories about going to Saturday night “folk” mass with my family, where one of the teachers from my school would bring his guitar and lead us in singing more upbeat, folksie, groovier songs (keep in mind this was the ’70’s where “groovy” was actually a part of the English language!).  One of the songs was: “They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love”. Does anyone know this song? Have a listen, even you younger followers…it is still a pretty cool song!

This song made me think. If I walk around identifying myself as a Christian, I should BE the message of Christ by being loving to everyone in all I do. To the my family, the gas station lady, the grocery clerk, my animals (and even the bunny I don’t love so much that I am taking care of for my daughter when she is away 🙂 ). Loving with my words, with my actions, with my whole heart. Help me God, that people would know I am a Christian by the love I show others!

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