One of those God weekends

Have you ever felt that life has been so busy that it is spinning out of control? At that point it almost becomes surreal and, you have to relinquish control  and you just have to literally take things moment by moment? Life has been like that lately for me. If not God, who would I be relinquishing control to I wonder? Good thing I have HIM!

A week ago, I had to go to Vancouver for some medical tests. The concept wasn’t so bad as I really love Vancouver. I was going alone, staying in a hotel (luxury in itself!) and would have some time to hit my most favourite spots: Chapters bookstore, Granville Island and Robson Street. It would be a bonus to eat some really great sushi! I had planned on spending some time in these areas to do some writing as well. For some reason I am super-inspired to write my novel in trendy coffee shops. I guess I thrive on the creative energy around me….BUT, this was a medical trip and so it was not all fun. However, it was fine…a little hard it parts, but I enjoyed the enjoyable parts and dealt with the rest. After my return home, I had one day to recover and then I was off again to Prince George to a wedding of my good friends, son.

The wedding is what I wanted to talk about. My friend Barbara, is an amazing woman of God. She has raised 6 children from tween years on alone (but not really as if you ask her….she has raised them dependantly on the Lord). Those years were not always easy for her despite that she had amazing kids. She prayed and believed for each one of her children that God would bring them their husband/wife. She never compromised in what God was showing her. She held high standards and never wavered. She maintained wonderful communication with her teen and young adult children. She was my go-to person when I was struggling. She has prayed me through some hard times. She was never too busy for me when I would call or just show up at her door. I wanted to be there to share in the joy of her only son being married.

Originally the plans were that my youngest son, Jonah was going to accompany me. My older two children were at a grad out-of-town. Jonah ended up being hired as a casual Jr. Lifeguard at our local outdoor pool so and now he could not accompany me.  My hubby needed to put in extra hours at work to prepare for leaving on our month vacation….(which happens in 6 days. )This was not a good time for me to be leaving again, however I felt strongly that I was to be at this wedding. I was tired from my Vancouver trip and frankly the idea of getting into my car and driving 6 hours alone overwhelmed me.

I woke up that morning and grabbed some great praise and worship CD’s (my kid’s music actually….don’t knock Christian music til you try it!..some pretty upbeat rocking stuff….) was Armed with a fresh ground cup of coffee-to-go,I  set off for my road trip.

It was a beautiful day and the pine pass is spectacular this time of year. I played my music, sang on the top of my lungs, prayed, thanked God for all my blessings and by the time I got there I felt energized! “God time” in the car…..

I went the day before the wedding and reconnected with old friends. It was a sweet time. Sam, the groom is an amazing young Godly young man who has patiently waited on God for to bring him his wife. Blessy, a Godly young woman was a lovely bride. Their love for each other and their love for Jesus shined that day.


I was so blessed to be seated beside my friend, the mother of the groom. Sam was the last of her children to be married. Each of her beautiful daughters had married the men their mother had been praying for since birth. They all got up to say a few words to Sam and Blessy and I marvelled at how lovely each one of them were. Not only physically lovely as they all were but the love of Jesus literally radiated from all of them.


Many other little God moments happened on this trip….too much to tell because I really have a million things to do before this family vacation! I reconnected with 3 wonderful friends that are the type of friends where you don’t need to speak to them or see them for a really long time, and you can pick up where you left off. The type of friend where it feels like you saw them yesterday. I am so grateful for these women in my life!

Thank you Lord for allowing me to be a part of this special weekend and giving me the energy to get there.

Sam and Blessy

Sam and Blessy








3 thoughts on “One of those God weekends

  1. Carol Anne Schmuck

    Glad you had such a wonderful time. Maybe that helped you to feel better physically too.
    Good Luck with the rest of the week.
    See you soon. Love…Carol anne


  2. Barbara Shenk

    Aw!! This was so sweet!!! I got emotional reading it! I was so blessed to have you come and pray for me as I was attacked with a bad flu just before the wedding!! God answered our prayers and healed me that morning so I could enjoy Sam’s wedding and the next day with Blessy’s family!!! Donnas’ left Mon and my brothers’ and Jewels’ today and Judy & Chucks’ tomorrow! They are all in God’s hands!!! Thanks for being a great friend and more:-)
    Much love, Barbara



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