Kersten’s Grad


Carlee and Kersten

10403914_702360729825786_8121592358952815328_o (1)

Kersten and Maxx

Our family has been busy with grad’s lately. None of them are actually happening in our family, however, four of my kid’s close friends are graduating which makes this is a important time of year. I would like to do a little mini-feature on a young woman who is very special to our family….

Kersten was born in Vancouver, at B.C Children’s Hospital. She moved to Tumbler Ridge when she was three and has lived ever since then. She has one older sister, 20 named Ellyanne. She is her best friend and  “loves her to death!”

Kersten was homeschooled up until half way through grade 9 when she began going to public school at Tumbler Ridge Secondary School (TRSS).

She has grown up in a Christian home, so she always knew about God and Jesus and how He died to save us. She made the decision to give her life to God when she was about 5. At that young age Kersten feels that though she obviously did not have a full understanding of what that meant, she has grown in the Lord over the years and is continuing on that journey to learn more about Him. When she was 13, she decided she wanted to be baptized.

She met my son, Maxx, at a combined youth get together that was hosted by two churches in her town and included his church in Hudson’s Hope, in the winter of 2011.  Kersten only really started to get to know Maxx though when they took their National Lifeguard Safety course together in Edmonton 2 years ago. She met my daughter, Carlee, at the youth get together as well and they started to get to know each other better at Maxx’s grad last year.

Kersten is going  to College of New Caledonia in Prince George, British Columbia, for her first year of her post secondary experience. She will be taking a one year Intensive Fine Arts program  and she is extremely excited! She is a very talented artist!

She does not  know what she is going to do after that however she is trusting that God will lead her to her next step in His time.

Even though Kersten lives a couple of hours away, she easily connected into Maxx, Carlee and Jonah’s peer circle. She is one of those genuinely sweet girls, with a kind heart, who is effortless to like and a pleasure to have around!


blowing bubbles


Maxx, Kersten and Joel


Kersten and Danielle

Fashion comment : I want to take a moment to comment on Kersten’s gown. Although the most popular style for grad dresses and wedding gowns is strapless, I cannot say I have been a big fan of strapless. However, when I saw Kersten’s dress I thought it was lovely. My issue with strapless dresses is that they can be cut quite low and many girls look uncomfortable in them…like the dress is going to fall off:). Kersten’s dress was appropriately cut, very elegant, and with her hair down like it was, the colour of the dress combined with her hair is what was so striking. This is a wonderful example of how you can be fashionably modest!






One thought on “Kersten’s Grad

  1. Kieran Sandford

    You are like one of the most beautiful people that I know Kersten. Your absolutely amazing and I love you so much you fantastic, gorgeous, girl you!



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