Jenessa’s Grad

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Jenessa was born in Victoria, BC but raised in Kitimat, BC. She was adopted at 10 days old, and that provided her with an “interesting, intricate” lifestyle.  She did not  get the honour of meeting her birth-mother, but Jenessa has a close relationship with her extended family. Very recently, while in Abbotsford, during her grad week,  Jenessa got the opportunity to meet her birth-father which was an amazing, enlightening, and enriching experience! Jenessa lives with her mom and dad and also has two siblings, both of them adopted as well.

Jenessa is a follower of Jesus. She grew up in a Christian home, and asked Jesus into her heart when she was 4 years old. She has never looked back or questioned her faith since then.

This is how we met Jenessa:  When we moved to Kitimat, her mother, Rose and I met through connected because we both homeschooled our children.  Jenessa and her brother, Ryan were 5 years old. My children were 6, 4 and 2.  Jenessa has called us her “other family” for as long as she can remember. She can hardly remember when the Bouillons were not an active part of her life! Carlee is like her sister, and best friend, and she loves her very much. Maxx is the “protective understanding, quiet big brother”, and he’d always talks with her about guitars. Jonah, is like a little brother.  Jennessa calls me “Momma Bouillon”…which I consider a privilege!


The Young Years with the Bouillons


Jenessa and Carlee…friends forever

 We moved away 6 years ago and we miss Jenessa very much. Unfortunately, we were not able to attend her grad. However, thanks to facebook, we were able to follow it all almost as soon as it happened. Jenessa has been homeschooling her entire education. Like my kids, she is with a Christian “distance learning” school, in Kelowna called Heritage Online Christian School. When a student graduates they have the option to go to the Lower Mainland and participate in a graduation ceremony with other homeschooled students throughout the province.

When I asked Jenessa her hopes and dreams for her future her answer was simply that she wants to honour God. Not being entirely sure about what the next step is, Jenessa does know she  would like to do something with people and/or writing  She also would love to do something with music, whether it is teaching, recording her own music or other’s music. She could also see herself playing on the worship team. Basically, she would like to do anything that is creative as a full-time job! Her plan is to work for a year (because college is very expensive) and pursue and improve on some of her passions in the process. (music, writing, swimming,  dance etc.) After the “gap” year, her hope is to go to a Bible college for at least 6 months to a year, and maybe spend some time at a college or university out of the country.

I do know one thing….when Jenessa sets her mind to doing something she does it! I have no doubt that she will pursue her passions and we sure hope we see her our way again sometime in the near future!


A Happy Graduated Jenessa!


3 thoughts on “Jenessa’s Grad

  1. Barbara Shenk

    Although I do not know this young lady, I want to bless her in Jesus Name and tell her to go for it!!! God has some very wonderful things in store for her and He is very proud of her stand!!! Bless you!!!!! A friend in Christ:-)


  2. Annette

    Hello Jenessa, I came across Mama Boullion’s Blog through HCOS’s Website. So encouraged to hear of your ‘deep’ commitment to biblical truths. Congratulations on your Graduation and ‘Prayers and Blessings’ as you continue your life’s journey seeking the Lord’s will. Mrs. Mulder (Annika & Amy still have ‘sweet’ memories of you)



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