Maxx’s Tea Party

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“Mom, Trevor and I are having a tea party.” Huh? My 18 year old son wants to have a tea party? Why not? Maxx and Trevor work together at the pool. Both being young men, who made the choice not to drink alcohol, they were talking about tea. Maxx likes to collect various plants in the wild, and make tea out of it. There is often some kind of concoction brewing on my stove. Sometimes it smells enticing and sometimes not. Their discussion led to, ” Why not have a BYOT (bring your own tea) party?”

Maxx's tea biscuits

Maxx’s tea biscuits

Trevor's muffins

Trevor’s muffins

So when Maxx came to me with the idea of having a tea party, suggesting the festivity take place after he works a twelve hour day, on the same day as when I had to go to the next town to pick up Jonah, my youngest from the airport, I asked him who was going to prepare for this tea party? He assured me he would and that I wouldn’t have to worry about doing anything as he knew it was a busy day for me. He was having out of town guests come to this function and was trying to find a day that worked for everyone. Maxx’s idea of throwing a tea party (which he requested be a semi-formal event) was putting a bunch of tea out on the counter and mugs and everyone help themselves. Clearly my son needed a bit of help. I grumbled a bit thinking…”I guess I am preparing for this tea party” and my daughter said a very wise thing to me. She said, “Mom! Your 18 year old son wants to have a TEA PARTY!” ….meaning, I should count my blessings my son is excited about a tea party. Point taken.  With the help of some lovely female friends, we sprang into action: Out came Grandma’s teacups, china, goodies, candles and soft jazz music. Three kettles of water boiling and several pots of interesting teas brewing as well as a couple of iced teas. A selection of interesting flavours of tea arranged artfully. And of course I cannot forget the tea biscuits and muffins that Maxx and Trevor made ahead of time! That actually was particularly impressive!



10610541_10202627187137679_6755752867841839369_n (1)

Maxx and Joel

The hosts arrived a  after their long day at work, along with their guests (some arrived before them) and everyone was dressed for the occasion. It was a beautiful summer evening so people chose their tea and their goodies and went out to the deck.

The evening was a success of drinking tea, visiting and playing board games. As I watched this amazing group of kids, my heart sang and I vowed to never grumble again when my son informs me he is having a tea party! (or anything of a similar nature).


Joey, Grace and Jonah

Grace and Carlee

Grace and Carlee


Katie Caralee, Grace and Kersten

Katie Caralee, Grace and Kersten


8 thoughts on “Maxx’s Tea Party

  1. Anne Forster

    I think this was absolutely awesome…….I loved it….Beautiful young people….gives me hope for great leaders in our future !!!!!!


  2. Barbara Lee Shenk

    I think this is just a great event!! I think that you are great too Loretta for listening to His voice and going for it!!!! Bless you all!!!!!



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