Back to School and those left behind….


I love the summer. It can be busy—or should I say just different busy? With our family vacation, all three kid’s working at the pool, aquafit , friends and family visiting – the summer has just flown by. I will add that this year we have also been preparing for my oldest son, Maxx, to go off to university. A few of our other close friends in our social circle are also preparing to head off to post-secondary venue as well. Many changes: exciting for those leaving, but harder for those left behind.

Our family will be taking Maxx and well as our friend, Katie, to University of Northern British Columbia at the end of August. I have been mentally preparing myself for Maxx to leave for about a year. I had a bit of a trial run last year when we left him behind on a vacation in Ontario for a couple of months  to stay with some dear friends. After that two months, I knew I would be okay when he actually left for university a year later. Well, it is a year later and I am not feeling as confident. I know that it is inevitable that all my children will leave, but the day has arrived where the first is actually leaving the nest. As hard as it is, these are a few of the things I am certain of:

I will miss Maxx terribly. The sound of his guitar through the walls, his steadfast quiet spirit, his voice of reason when I feel a little bit crazy, and his willingness to pray for me when I need it.

He will be ok. He is a capable, responsible, amazing young man who loves God and will seek his guidance continually. He is on the meal plan in residence…he will eat.

I will be ok. I will go into withdrawl at first, maybe cry in his room for a bit, but then come to appreciate his room as MY extra space where I can retreat to do writing, reading or watch a movie that no one else wants to watch. He also has a pretty awesome ensuite off his room which will also become MINE!

We will adjust. God will see us through the changes. We will all miss Maxx terribly, dinner for 4 just doesn’t sound right but we will look forward to when he comes home…Thanksgiving, Christmas and reading week.

Life will go on! I am still homeschooling two other wonderful kids that bring me great joy…56 days until thanksgiving.


6 thoughts on “Back to School and those left behind….

  1. potjesinbarrie

    Well said! I teared up a bit reading your post, projecting how I will feel when I’m in that position! Empty nesting will not be easy, but feel confident in the amazing job you’ve done parenting Maxx!


  2. Carol Anne Schmuck

    Hi Lorie,

    Very well put. I will miss him too and I am not even out there. You are strong and will bel okay.

    Love…Carol Anne


  3. Lorrie

    I think the farther away our kids go, the greater our faith grows. It fills all the empty spaces between us, and gives us ever increasing confidence in the good, good
    God for whom there is no distance at all.


  4. Barbara Shenk

    Yes, it is hard but you will make it!!! Keeping thinking of the good things and cry when you need to and enjoy the family at home!!! You will be able to understand and help others through it as you will now have the understanding of what they are going through. One day at a time and enjoy what is set before you and KNOW that God will comfort and help you each day!!!! Much love and prayers!



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