Back to School Thoughts (by Grace age-17)

Loretta here: This post is done by our lovely Grace. She is a friend of my kids, Maxx, Carlee and Jonah’s, from Vanderhoof. Maxx originally met Grace  homeschooling through Heritage Christian Online School when Maxx was in grade 9. They met through a forum (basically a chat room through the school) and then became Skype pals. After about a year of that I decided to load the kids up in the car for a road trip and go meet this girl in person. When we got to her house, Carlee and Grace became instant friends. Then awhile later Grace began coming up to Hudson’s Hope to visit by bus. I have lost track of how many times she has been here but when she visits, she usually stays for a few weeks. Grace has become friends with all three of my kids, an extension of our family and of our church. We love her. I am very grateful that her family trusts us enough to borrow her from time to time. It is our privilege! Here’s Grace…..


Back To School

 I am in grade 11. Well, I was supposed to be in grade 12 last year and then I fell behind…and long story short I am now going into grade 12. I really wanted to be done high school last year.
Mrs. Bouillons asked a couple of us back-to-schoolers what our thoughts are about hitting the books again. My thoughts are somewhere along the lines of: “NopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopeWHYGODnopenopenopenopenope, etc.” Sometimes just for the sake of varying my response I bang my head against the nearest wall. So yeah, not super excited. But while focusing on the negative side of it is really easy thing to do, hearing people complain is possibly the most annoying thing on earth besides hearing people breathe, so let me share with you the few things that I’ll enjoy about getting back to school in a few days:
-More time on the computer. Who doesn’t just love getting radiation consistently for 10 hours?
-I get to spend time in my pajamas more. This is also a health hazard though because when school starts the old PJ’s don’t get washed for months and a small rat colony starts to form in the hem of my pant legs. I’m not saying this has happened before but it’s definitely happened before.
-I get to hang out with my friends whenever I want to. Which is never, because when they end school I’m usually just starting.
-I get to sleep in. Every day. This, according to health care professionals is actually a bad thing for your mood, your living habits, and your bone structure.
-I get to be home with my three incredibly hyperactive and almost definitely all ADHD positive younger siblings all day, every day.
-I get to go on Tumblr all the time, which would be great except for the fact that it reminds me of all the awesome TV shows that I can’t catch up on until I’ve finished my English assignment, Math test, Biology exam, History book, five thousand essays, quiz about the first 500 Harvard graduates, join a monastery, transcend my corporal being, become immortal, turn into the soul of a supernova, wait for thousands of years to blow apart and spread across the universe for the foreseeable infinity, lose all track of the whole of reality and in the meantime completely forget about the most recent Doctor Who episode that was super important because PETER CAPALDI IS IN A NIGHTGOWN CHASING A DINOSAUR AND I’M SORRY BUT IF THAT ISN’T THE FUNNIEST THING ON EARTH THEN YOU NEED TO GET YOURSELF CHECKED BY A SPECIALIST AS SOON AS POSSIBLE FOR A MISSING SENSE OF HUMOR.
-I get to visit Hudson’s Hope whenever I want to. Not going to lie, that part is awesome!

Now that I go that out of my system, I’m going to answer the second, much more serious question that Mrs. Bouillon asked us to answer: What are your thoughts about your siblings or friends going off to university?

We were supposed to find a Bible verse to go along with our response, but I couldn’t find a verse that said anything along the lines of: “it’s the worst feeling on earth and my world is slowly falling apart.” So I’m going to have to stick with sentimental quotes.
I have two good friends that are leaving this town, probably forever, and are planning on doing great things with their lives. And I’m really, really happy that they get the chance to follow their dreams and get new experiences, but I also know that I’m losing two friends. I know everyone says that they’ll come back for the holidays and they’ll phone you, or message you on facebook, or write you letters…and they might. But after a few years they get new friends and leave the old ones, life moves on for everyone and time doesn’t stop for anybody. The one quote that I think sums it up well is from Peter Pan, it goes: “Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting.” But I’ve also learned that there is a season for everyone to be in our lives, and sometimes that season ends sooner than you’d like it to. I certainly hope I can keep in touch with my friends when they leave to university, but somehow I feel that these goodbyes are the real kind of goodbyes, and that makes me really sad.
As for my friends (and kind of siblings) moving closer to me from Hudson’s Hope and Tumbler Ridge to do your post secondary, I’m really excited that I might get to see you more. But even then there’s a chance that you will all get too busy and even though we’re an hour away, we’ll just forget to connect and get busy with our new normal lives. But I’m not too worried about that, you are all kind of stuck with me because there is no way I’m ever going to leave you guys alone. What makes me sad for you all though, is the people you’re leaving behind. I read Mrs. Bouillon’s blog post about Maxx leaving and it may have made my eyes strangely moist for a few moments. I’m sad that Maxx is leaving his family and his car, and I’m sad that his family has to say goodbye to him for a while. It’s going to be weird, going to the Bouillon’s without Maxx there. The upside is that there will be no rude awakenings with camera phones in my face, or a dog being thrown at me. Or being pulled out the door on my mattress. Yep, that happened.
But I’m sad that Kersten and Joel and Katie are all leaving behind their families and in Joel’s case, a significant other. It’s all really hard, but I think that the adventures that you’re going to have and the things you’re going to learn are absolutely going to be worth saying goodbye for a while. If you want to grow you have to make it happen, and I’m so happy that you guys are getting the chance to leave your roots and make your own paths in life. It’s inspiring for me, still at home for another year. I’m excited to get out and try new things and leave old friends and make new ones and learn more about life in the meantime. And as for the goodbyes, they are always more bearable when you know they’re just a prelude to hello.

Grace I found a verse for you! :”To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:” (Ecclesiastes 3: 1KJV) – love Mrs. B

6 thoughts on “Back to School Thoughts (by Grace age-17)

  1. standinginthestorm

    So thanks for making me cry at work (what! I’m not on the computer at work, and if I am its because its peace canyon and its really boring and all I do is read all day anyway so I mise well just go on the computer and goof off… so there) looking forward to seeing you so much more often and guess what?! I get three day weekends so we defintly need to go for tea and talk about doctor who and ther universe… the others can come too I suppose… 😉


  2. Grace

    Sorry for making you cry. Ooh, I know this adorable coffee/tea shop downtown that’s in the building of a renovated mechanics shop and has couches :3 We have to go there.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kersten

    I want to come!! And Grace that was the closest I have come to crying in a really long time…not cool. I know how much it sucks watching people you know and love move out and move on and you feel stuck at home. I know it will feel hard but I also know you will be ok and that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” Cheesy I know but it is still a good quote. YOU CAN DO IT!! It is just one more year it will come to an end and then you will be free to do whatever you want! And I am for sure going to see you more through the year…that is just a fact. Love you 🙂



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