Back to School Thoughts (by Carlee age 17)



I kind of always imagined university to be a thing when I became an adult, which I guess I assumed would just happen one day. You know, like one morning, on my eighteenth birthday or something, I’d just wake up knowing how to take out student loans and pay income tax and drive in the city and cook.
So needless to say, I think I just had the experience of getting a wake-up call/reality check when we left my older brother at university in Prince George this afternoon, who really doesn’t know how to do much adult-ish stuff at all except maybe the driving part (no offense Maxx).
Like what, though? Is there ever some sort or drastic transition, or do we just kinda stay our clueless little selves forever and learn the living-on-our-own stuff through time?
If that’s true, and there’s no switcheroo  (woah, Microsoft word totally just autocorrected my spelling of ‘switcheroo’… I didn’t even know that was a real word!)… then that would mean that grown up stuff is going to start happening before I feel officially ‘grown up’. (Though I’m not entirely sure I’ll ever feel completely that way!)

Anyways, not to stray too far from the original school/university/people leaving/life getting fourteen times more difficult in the fall/looking forward to picking up the pencil again/etc. subject theme that’s supposed to be going on in this post:

Katie, Kersten, Maxx, and Joel, I’m going to miss you guys a lot! Not that I have any experience, but that’s never stopped me from giving advice before, so: Find a church together, keep connected and let each other know you’ll always have their back… and don’t get so tunnel-visioned on the whole University experience that you forget to make time for worship sessions and tea parties and all the stuff that we do best 🙂 Keep in touch with me too and send me your addresses, and I’ll send you letters and cards and care packages complete with your superhero toothbrush of choice! Seriously, I will send you so many letters that you’ll want to change your address and you’ll start to feel like celebrities with that one psycho fan (but come on, who wouldn’t want their own personal snail-mail spammer?) Study really really hard, and when you’re out there getting where you’re getting to… don’t forget me, ok?

About my last year of school… I’m excited, of course, for the cool stuff like English literature and recess (just kidding, but I do wish recess was still a thing), and I’m nervous for doing math at the public school and for doing some hard stuff like law at home. It’s a very mixed feeling, a love/hate relationship of sorts.
I think highschool will only seem hard until I’m finished, though, and then I’ll look back and be all like “well that was easy”. Just like grade nine seemed hard until I started grade ten and grade ten seemed hard until I started grade eleven and so on. I can’t wait to be graduated and when someone asks me what grade I’m in I’ll get to say ‘pfft… education was so last year!”
So yeah I think that’s what I looking forward to most.

4 thoughts on “Back to School Thoughts (by Carlee age 17)

  1. Kieran Sandford

    Carlee you are so spot on! You are an amazing writer. I love reading your posts 😛 It doesn’t seem real to me yet that school is starting and Maxx, Joel, Katie, and Kersten are gone. I’m going to miss you guys soooo much! And you guys better stay in touch with all of us! Love you guys! ❤

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  2. Barbara Lee Shenk

    Carlee that was great!!! I like your humor and it sounds like know you know what things to work on that do not just come from breathing and turning 18 or 21:-) God is your helper and you need to take all the help and learning that you can from your great parents at this time too. Look for all the plus things that are happening at this stage in your life and enjoy. It is OK to do a little greaving and missing those at a different places but God is your rock and He has so many great things instore for you and them this year if you seek and look for them:-) Blessing at this place and give your parents an extra hug as they are greaving the baby that just left the nest even though they want you all to fly and soar!!!!
    Love you, (I want to say “Auntie Barbara” as you guys feel like family:-) )

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  3. Carol Anne Schmuck

    Very well put Carlee. Though your brother and some of your friends are not in town anymore, you have the memories. They have not left spiritually, only physically for a while. They will be friends no matter where you go. Love…Carol Anne



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