Back to School Thoughts by Katie (age 19)

Loretta here: Yes, I know it was a bit of a long shot… asking the kids if they would like to write their thoughts on going back to school OR writing about someone you love leaving you for post-secondary OR leaving yourself for university/college. So, Katie thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts only one week after your new university life has begun! Love you!


When Loretta first asked me to write the back to school post I tried, I really did. I wrote a paragraph and deleted it, wrote two more and deleted those. University, it seemed,  was about growing up, something I’ve been fighting not to do. I didn’t want to fall under society’s views of growing up, becoming a responsible conforming adult, not that I believe all adults are conforming, but it seems like people are willing fall into the hum drums  and mundaneness (is that a word?) of everyday life.

We go to school, get a job, meet someone, get married, have kids, balance work and family life, pay bills, and get a medical plan, and eventually die, but for what? what are we living for? who am I?… and there’s nothing wrong with that, maybe I’m just afraid. I know I want more out of life than that for myself, whatever happened to adventure, stories, the romance of life?… And then that familiar voice in the back of my head would ask “Where’s God Katie?” Oh right Him “smiles sheepishly.” I think you could say I’m in the very slow process of a wake up call. The first day of university was less chaotic then expected but I still felt like a small fish in a big pond, complete with that glassy wide eyed stare most fish seem to posses.

I am so blessed to have so many people I know here with me, and a good few of them I really care about. My classes so far have been amazing and exactly what I needed, I’ve got to experience the weird joy in buying my first microwave, YAH, household appliances! Although I only own a third of it but still. Today was my first weekend so some friends and I had a small adventure figuring out how the buses work, finding out where exactly the church is for tomorrow, and just quietly enjoying each others company, at least that’s what I was doing as my other friend found our silence awkward, To each their own I suppose, I even liked doing my homework and I hope the feeling continues.

I still miss home, my pets, family, and friends (though most of my friends qualify as family) and the outdoors. I miss just going for a walk in the bush behind my house, and painting on the deck, I even miss my bass, my books especially, and my room. Especially all the small adventures I’ve shared with my sisters (you guys know who you are) but I feel more open to the idea of growing up without changing myself but accepting the change around me. I know everything will be ok and I pray for the people around me, that their worries too will fall off, and that the lost will find themselves warm and safe in God’s presence.

“We live in him

We walk in him

We are him

Some of your own poets have said:

 ‘For we are HIS children.’ “

Acts 17:28

3 thoughts on “Back to School Thoughts by Katie (age 19)

  1. standinginthestorm

    Reblogged this on standinginthestorm and commented:
    So here is the post I did about University on my other mom’s site… Its a little more open about my beliefs so just bear that in mind… schools been amazing I definitely recommend going to college or uni if you get the chance, its a surprising experience….


  2. Barbara Lee Shenk

    You did a good job of showing some of your inside thinking and choosing to see things in the way I believe God wants you to:-) He has so many good, fun, exciting things in store for you!!! So continue to looks for His ways in ALL you do and you can not go wrong:-)

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