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Well, we are slowly getting into the groove of the school year. It has been slow-going as we started a week later than usual this year. You see, here, in British Columbia, Canada, our teachers in the public school system are on strike. That normally would not affect us homeschooling folks however, it does this year. The district decided that because there was no school in session, that our outdoor pool may as well stay open an extra week. Both my kids, Carlee and Jonah are lifeguards so they ended up working an extra week.

After homeschooling for 14 years, I am now looked upon as one of the older, more seasoned homeschool moms. I often get asked advice on curriculum or scheduling or creative ways to get your child to love math. (I have come to believe that there really is no such way…no lasting way anyway!) When I give advice, I often wistfully reflect on all the wonderful years that we had when the kids were smaller. Here is a list of things I miss about the younger homeschool days:

  • Starting our day off slowly with a devotional reading and group prayer
  • Schooling half days until grade 6 or so….maybe it was grade 7 or 8?
  • Getting up late and ending early
  • A four-day school week
  • Making food out of every subject: sugar cookie alphabets, cooking and baking our way through countries, cooking and baking our way through history
  • Watching DVD’s about everything and anything educational, in our pj’s drinking hot chocolate
  • Centering school around Christmas for the entire month of December
  • Creating unit studies about subjects that interest us and then taking off on a rabbit trail about another topic that we find along the way
  • Having a visiting day with friends and counting it as PE, or something like that
  • Doing car school
  • Taking extra-long holidays
  • Traveling with dad , finding a museum and counting it as school
  • Taking a snow day whenever we want
  • Taking a beach day whenever we want
  • Couch school
  • Trampoline school
  • Under the trampoline school
  • Nature walks and calling it science
  • Bike rides and calling it PE
  • Horseback rides and calling it PE
  • All of us starting off school in mom’s bed reading

Here is a list of good things about homeschooling high school:

  • Starting off our morning with devotional reading and group prayer
  • Still homeschooling half days now and then
  • Getting up late but having to adjust the schedule…you start late/you end late
  • More independence for mom–they work on school; I work on my writing  projects (or sometimes laundry, or bills or cleaning, but the point is that there is a bit less instructional time)
  • Having another homeschooled friend for the day or one from out-of-town stay and do school with us for a couple of weeks
  • ATVing, dirtbiking or horse-backriding and calling it PE
  • Doing car school
  • Taking extra long holidays
  • Traveling with dad but bringing the laptops and doing school in Tim Horton’s or Starbucks
  • Taking a snow day whenever we want
  • Taking a beach day whenever we want, but truthfully the last two points on the list happening less frequently than the younger days J

Hmnnnn….the lists seem a bit uneven. I admit, I miss homeschooling in the younger years. However, the ironic thing is that some days those years seemed SOOO challenging .  I remember questioning myself and wondering if giving up my prime career years and living off of one income was worth it. Was our family better for our choice to homeschool? When I  look back at all the amazing  topics that we explored together and all the wonderful memories we made, I do not have any regrets. When I look at all the opportunities that my children have had because of it, I feel very grateful. I would not trade those years for anything. Without a doubt, the best thing about homeschooling for me is that we can put God first in our day, in an unhurried fashion and include Him in all we do. Homeschooling is not for everyone, but the choice has been right for us.


11 thoughts on “Back to Homeschool

  1. Heather Kleinsteuber

    Lorie, It warms my heart to know that you had such a special and fulfilling time with your kids. All those years of your complete attention can never be taken away and the kids will always have the memories to draw on in times of trouble or sadness. You are Fabulous! Love you. xoxo


  2. Barbara Lee Shenk

    I believe that those have been such wonderful years for you and your family and something as they get older will look back on with wonderful thoughts!!! You have chosen well!!!! Yes, there were hard times but life is full of them but the kids had their mother there to help them through the things they needed help with!!! and you have a special bond with each of them, even with the ups and downs!!!!! “Well done My good and faithful servant!” I believe is what God is saying to you and He will help you the rest of the way!!!!
    Love you tons:-) Barbara


  3. Bonnie Way

    I’m just starting homeschool this year (grade 1) so this is an encouraging post. I actually homeschooled myself (grades 1-12) so I have many fond memories of things on this list too. 🙂 We’ve gotten into a really good routine already and I’m thoroughly enjoying homeschooling, and trying to convince my daughter that it’s worth it (so far, she likes school – she just misses seeing her friends all day.) Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  4. Carolina Coca

    Hi Loretta, you are a great amazing Woman, an awesome example for me! I started homeschooling my Boys this year, I always remember your kids and how well brought up they are, I pray the lord guidance in this new journey of ours. and please keep me in your prayers! I enjoyed reading your Blog and experience of homeschooling, there are days I asked my self if i’m doing this right, if you have Any advice or feed back are always Welcome, big hugs!

    Carolina Coca


    1. lorettabouillon Post author

      Dear Carol, so nice to hear from you! You are embarking on a wonderful journey! When we are called to homeschool, God will equip us if we ask. You will grow and make memories with your children that will last a lifetime. I am here for you if you ever need advice or encouragment!



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