Disturbing the Peace Youth Conference – By Kieran (age 14)

Today’s post is written by Kieran, one of our youth that attending this conference. Kieran did a great job of writing about this memorable weekend!



Another year of DTP has come and gone… Every year I get so excited for it, but then it’s only a two and a half day conference and I’m like, what’s up with that…? It goes so fast! I wish it lasted for two weeks! This was my third year going to DTP and I can honestly say that this was the best year so far!


The giant teddy bear for raffle!

So a little bit about the conference: When we got there on Friday, the place that we were sleeping in was locked so we didn’t end up getting our stuff set up until 12:30 am. We went to the church where the conference was being held and we hung out there for about 2 hours until it started. When DTP began, our youth group made sure that we got a great spot at the front (as usual Lol). Pete Christensen lead the  worship sessions again this year, which was absolutely amazing! He is such an anointed musician. The speaker this year was a young man, Jason Ballard. I have always been a worship girl, but I never really cared for the sermons. But Jason Ballard was really good! I was blown away (not literally). He was really interesting, and super funny.

The band at DTP this year was The Color. They played on Friday night, and oh my goodness they were absolutely amazing! I loved them! After they played I went to their table and bought two of their CDs, a T-shirt, and then they signed my DTP booklet and I got my picture taken with them. On Saturday we had a morning worship and preaching session and then we all departed and went to different workshops.

I went to three workshops: 15 Lies That Christians Believe, Forgive; Are You Kidding? and So You Want to be a Band. Out of all the workshops I think I enjoyed So You Want to be a Band the most. The Color did that workshop. Basically they told us all about themselves and how their band got started. Then we all got to ask them questions like, what are your favourite music artists, what do you guys do on your tour bus, what’s your favourite movies, stuff like that.

After the workshops, everyone got loaded onto the buses and we all went to the mall for the afternoon. When we came back we had another worship and preaching session, then we had a comedian come up; he came all the way from California!!! He was really funny, his name was Riley Armstrong. He was a musical comedian, so he wrote a bunch of hilarious songs and sang them. On Sunday we had our final worship and preaching session. It was fantastic, but sad because it was the last day.


My favourite part of the weekend was The Color Band and worship with Pete Christensen. It was amazing, just soaking in God’s presence! I hadn’t done that in a long time and it felt absolutely wonderful… I can’t wait till next year!

2 thoughts on “Disturbing the Peace Youth Conference – By Kieran (age 14)

  1. ndnd9

    Hello Kieran: I know a way you can get that high all year. I suggest a simple spiritual experiment at the end of my post “Paul and the Law” at nomagicwandchristianity blog. If you use that experiment — it’s short and sweet — you will be led to ways to receive God’s personal communication to you every day. What a high! There is rhythm and music in that of a spiritual nature. I wish you well on your spiritual journey. Nancy Dobson



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