Disturbing the Peace Youth Conference – by Jonah Bouillon (age 15)



Disturbing the Peace (DTP) is a youth conference in Grand Prairie, Alberta. It was started in 2003 and is an annual youth conference. I have been three times now and it’s amazing. Every year there’s a band that comes and plays for us as well as a worship team that plays all weekend. There’s a different comedian every year and there always great. The second day we were there,  we get to choose from workshops that we can go to and learn more about God or topics concerning him. The conference is three days long over a weekend. This year there was over 400 people!

My favourite part was probably when the band The Color played. They sang a bunch of cool songs and I really liked them! I went to a workshop after and met them all personally and it was great. I got to meet the drummer and hear his story and I really enjoyed that,  being a drummer myself.

God did a lot of amazing things for many people that weekend. He really spoke to me about the company I keep and the friends I have. The speaker, Jason Ballard said friends are very important in a youth’s life but it’s more important that they are the right friends.

I had a great time and I’m really excited for next year! Shout out to my mom Loretta Bouillon and my youth pastor Toni Sandford for making this weekend possible!


Jonah and his friend Alisa


Jonah and his new friend, Dexter


4 thoughts on “Disturbing the Peace Youth Conference – by Jonah Bouillon (age 15)

  1. ndnd9

    Thank you for sharing your review. Hopefully other teens will read it and also attend. Best wishes to you for your spiritual journey. ND of nomagicwandchristianity blog.



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