Things change

In the past when I have read people’s blog posts saying something like, “well, it has been forever since I have posted….” or “I haven’t posted for a while but here goes…”, I confess, I was a bit judgmental. But… I get it now. People get stuck with their blogs for all sorts of reasons; life happens and circumstances change. This could potentially inhibit a writer or perhaps if you are like me, make me wonder if I should change the theme of my blog, start a new blog or just not have a blog at all. I am involved with other writing projects so it is not like I am not writing somewhere else. Then I think, it is my blog, I can do whatever I want!

As you know, this blog is called, “Life with My Teens…and all their amazing friends.” Well, one of my teens has vacated and gone to university and so did most of his friends, who were my other two teen’s friends as well. Here is where my mental block comes in. It feels like there was a mass exodus in our little social circle here. However, my two other kids are still here and lots of life is still happening. Also, lots of great things are happening for the kids that have gone off to post-secondary pursuits. Potentially there is a lot to write about. Truthfully though, I think I have been down in the dumps and a little bit stuck. I thought I was pretty good at handling change but I think perhaps that was a false perception I’ve had of myself.  Or maybe I am just getting older. Or both.

As I have stated in my previous posts, many times I am sure, Maxx, my oldest is at University of Northern British Columbia. For those of you that are not familiar with the area in which we live, that is about a five-hour drive from where we are now. In the grand scheme of things that does not seem very far. However, once the snow hits (which is about mid-October) the Pine Pass, which is the not-so-nice snowy mountain pass between here and there, makes it difficult to travel. The Greyhound bus does leave from a town about 45 minutes from here. Not only is it expensive ($160 round trip but hey, we are willing to pay as many times as Maxx wants to come home) but it arrives at four in the morning! We are willing to do the middle-of-the-night drive but these challenges don’t make it any easier.

Last week, it was a four-day weekend at the beginning of November. Maxx was going to come home! Yay! But then, the kids came up with the idea that Carlee, Maxx’s sister and Amanda (Katie’s sister who is also at university with Maxx and very good friend of Carlee’s) take the bus to Prince George and have a reunion with some of the amazing friends! It was Joel’s birthday (another one of the exodus kids) so why not go and celebrate there? Including the kids already in Prince George, there was a little reunion of seven of them. I was sad for me that Maxx wasn’t coming home, but happy for them that they got to be together. (I was also a little sad for the few of the gang that were either just a little bit too young or too far away to join them.)

They are good kids and I did not have a problem with my seventeen year old daughter going to hang out with her brother and friends at his university. They don’t party in the traditional way (of the alcoholic nature) and their plans included all going to church together on Sunday morning. How can you argue with that?

Jonah, our youngest son,  went  hunting and trapping with Mr. Biever, our very good friend who loves the outdoors and enjoys Jonah’s company. I was grateful for this opportunity for Jonah. This left us pretty quiet on the home front. Needless to say, once I moped a little, sulked and felt sorry for myself, I was able to enjoy in their excitement through various texts and Facebook messages. I was excited for them and it touched me how happy they were to all be together again. It made me think…..last summer these were all the kids having a tea party and staying at my house for the weekend. Now they are all having fun for four days in residence at the university without any parental supervision! Wow, overnight, times have changed.

I was even able to enjoy the weekend once I got used to the quiet. It gave my hubby and I time to talk about the future. We had some nice dinners: extra-large scallops, the really huge ones that I just cannot buy for the whole family because they are too expensive! We went out to breakfast, watched a couple of movies and just relaxed. Both of us commented on how this is what it will be like soon, with all the kids gone. It wasn’t a bad thing; it was giving us a glipse of the future. I am not ready yet, but I take comfort in knowing that God is preparing my heart for that day.

9 thoughts on “Things change

  1. Anne

    Hi Loretta…
    Enjoyed reading your blog this morning….reminded of the times my family left one by one, until I was alone with God as my companion…..I can understand how you feel, but His presence takes the edge of that emptyness….I thank Him that He has now blessed me with another human companion, but He’s still wedged between us, and that’s how I like it……Bless you as you continue on this journey.


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    1. lorettabouillon Post author

      Thanks, Anne. Love the reference to God still being wedged between you and your hubby. That’s awesome. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. You continue to be a mentor and an inspiring woman in my life despite the miles!


  2. Barbara L Shenk

    Hi! Loretta, totally understand where you are coming from and it sounds like you took the right steps and did enjoy the time even with the missing:-) May God continue to help you each step of the way and to enjoy the here and now even more. Much love and prayers, Barbara:-)

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  3. Julie Biever

    Soooo glad that Dwayne & I could give you and Dan a one-on-one weekend. We did so enjoy
    Jonah’s company, not that I really saw much of him/Dwayne. Love you friend, Julie



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