Christmas in Bed

It has been two weeks since my surgery. As Christmas season is in full swing, I have been listening to life happening around me. I am cozy in my bedroom, complete with cellphone beside me, laptop, piles of books and DVD player.

However, it is day 11 in my bed,  I am confined to the top floor of my house (my bedroom is 15 stairs up and I am not supposed to really do stairs). I have to admit, I am going a little stir crazy. I LOVE the Christmas season and feel a bit jipped because I cannot enjoy the Christmas decorations around town, the Christmas gatherings and even the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping (many people dread this but I actually enjoy it!)

I had great aspirations of making progress with a few different writing projects. I would do some school planning for second semester; I would catch up on my reading, write old-fashioned Christmas cards and watch Christmas movies. I was actually looking forward to this quiet rest.

Now that this rest is well into week two, I cannot say that many of those things have been accomplished. I have been reading some but not much. I guess I should have bought Christmas cards ahead of time :). All of our Christmas movies are in a box in the garage and only I know where they are. Plans have not unfolded as I anticipated…..BUT…..


Having a friend drop by yesterday, we were talking about Christmas. She was talking about how Christmas is the opportunity to show Christ-like love to one another. I admit to liking the twinkling lights, Christmas decorations, shopping for special gifts for loved ones, the tree and get-togethers. I believe I have a balanced focus at Christmas with putting Jesus first. I know deep in my heart Jesus is the reason for the season. It is more though. As I watch my family serve and care for me, friends dropping off meals, others coming by to help clean my house, I am humbled. I am touched by their time and generosity during this busy season. I am seeing Christ-like love in action.

Today, I am grateful for this time. God uses everything for good if we allow Him. I look forward to my oldest, Maxx coming home for Christmas from university in a few days. We will have that wonderful family time and we will celebrate with friends. It may look a little different this year; I might not be doing my Christmas baking or going for that walk in the snow on Christmas day, however, I will have everything I want and need around me. I am truly blessed.

5 thoughts on “Christmas in Bed

  1. Carol Anne Schmuck

    Hi Lorie,
    There is a reason why everything happens. You are so Blessed to have such good friends. I know it is hard not to be able to do the things you like, but this is temporary. You certainly have a great attitude.
    Feel better fast. Love…Carol Anne

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  2. Barbara Shenk

    May God continue to bless you and may you see more and more of them. May you feel the loving arms around you and the desire to do only the things that you should at this point. If you are to watch the Christmas movies, may they be found or maybe you can borrow other peoples?? Love you tons!! and am praying:-)

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  3. Carol Anne Schmuck

    Hi Lorie,

    You sure have a lot of patience. I am proud of you for doing ‘what the doctor ordered’.

    Keep up the good work.

    Take care.

    Love…Carol Anne



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