A Nap? The More the Merrier!

The more the merrier!

Three weeks of convalescence, after surgery, I felt a need to get out of the house. I ventured out to church with my kids, Maxx included, who is home from university. The church looked lovely and Christmassy and it was wonderful to be with my extended family again! A couple of friends gave us some meals and food to take home. Spaghetti sauce from one friend and a turkey meal from another. God has really provided me with good friends which I am very grateful for.

After church, we went to the grocery store to pick up some treats for the kids’ Lord of the Rings movie night marathon as well as Jonah and Maxx’s upcoming two-day camp out. When we got home, I was directing traffic as to what food went where and sorting out what we would have for lunch and then dinner. A wave of overwhelmedness and exhaustion hit me like a ton of bricks. I felt like I had spent my allotted energy for the day.

I escaped to my room. I flicked on my electric fire-place and snuggled into my cozy bed….Ahhhhhh. For three weeks I craved company as I was recovering, sometimes lonely in bed. Now, after just a couple of busy hours, I longed for my bed. My daughter, Carlee came in to talk to me so I patted the bed as to say “hop in!” She crawled in and we were resting and talking a bit when her friend Kieran walked in looking for Carlee. “Jump in….”I said. Kieran gladly crawled under the covers. A few minutes later, Jonah came in looking for Kieran. I suppose the bed just looked to cozily irresistible so he jumped in as well. Now the volume had just amped up more than slightly. A few minutes after that, Jonah’s older brother Maxx, walked in the room and dove in on top of everyone. Soon Jonah and Maxx were “wet-willying” one another (definition: licking their finger and wiggling it in the other person’s ear; a form of torture) wrestling on the bed. Laughter and yelling broke out. Kieran grabbed her phone and snapped a shot of this memory and in no time I was looking at it on Facebook realizing how truly blessed my life was. I then moved to the couch

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