Vacation Therapy


It’s a good thing we don’t know what’s ahead when we begin our parenting journey. My mom use to tell me that and she was absolutely correct! Parenting is no easy task and without relying on the Lord for guidance, it would be a whole lot harder. What we discovered is very helpful is this…….A VACATION! Just the two of us; my hubby and I. We started this new tradition last winter. A time out for us. Only us. A Mexico, therapeutic beach vacation. A time of de-stressing, reconnecting and remembering why you married each other in the first place! I realize that not everyone is in a financial place to do this type of holiday. We weren’t until last year (after 19 years of marriage!)  Actually, we still aren’t really, however it is a tradeoff for something else we would spend that money on. We have just made it a priority and God-willing we will continue this new tradition. This year we went to Akumal Bay Beach Resort, 90 minutes from Cancun.


IMG_20150306_094957 IMG_20150306_091054



My husband, Dan, is a marine biologist by training. He dedicated many years of his life to this schooling, specializing in Oceanography. Now we live in the middle of British Columbia. No oceans here! However, still using his fish and wildlife skills, he manages the Peace River Compensation Program. It is a good job and he is a wonderful provider for our family, but there is no snorkeling and diving involved, which is what he loves. This resort was right on a coral reef and snorkeling was literally steps outside of our room. We saw beautiful tropical fish, giant turtles, a 5 foot stingray and lots of coral. Dan took it one step further and did a re-cert diving course and went on a fabulous dive!


It took about three days to come down from our busy life. Once we did, we realized that our biggest decision that morning was should we walk the beach or the path to breakfast? Wow. We walked, and talked, we ate (lots!) and slept (lots!) and even danced a couple of times in the outdoor lounge. We remembered what we love about each other. Life can have a way of taking over and we operate in the place of just dealing with daily busyness and sometimes even the crisis of the moment. We fall into our roles and can easily start living them separately. That is not really how God intended marriage to be. He intended husband and wife to have their roles, true, but He wants us united, together and strong. Whatever it takes to achieve this goal, take time out, re-connect, re-unite and renew. Your children, even the young adult children will feel the difference, feel safer and happier because their parent’s relationship is strong.IMG_20150307_145154IMG_20150305_125437

6 thoughts on “Vacation Therapy

  1. Winona

    It is so nice that you were able to get away for a vacation together. It looked beautiful and relaxing and sounded like you had time to reconnect. I’m glad you enjoys yourselves : )



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