Spring is here! In Northern British Columbia we tend to have to wait a little longer than the rest of the country for the snow to melt and new  life to form. Some of my blog followers have noticed that my posts have been few and far between lately. I have been recently pondering this as to why that is. I admit to a sort of writer’s block. Life has had its challenges this winter season but there is something healing and hopeful about Spring, is there not?

Easter was lovely. Maxx was home and brought Kersten, his lovely girlfriend. We had fun going for walks, playing games, painting, watching movies and eating turkey dinner.


Carlee Jonah, Kersten, Maxx, Daisy and Pepper


Art Attack


Family walk

Family walk

There have been some significant changes in our home life. My oldest, Maxx, has gone to university. He is due back in a couple of weeks for the summer! Yay! My youngest son has transitioned from full- time homeschooling to almost full-time public school. Although we had a few bumps along the way, he is doing well and we are proud of him.

My daughter, Carlee, will be graduating this June and heads to Mexico in two weeks for a six week amazing experience of her life!  She will be travelling with her online school class, Heritage Christian Online School. The grade twelve class of the “brick and mortar” school (Heritage Christian School) out of Kelowna, BC, join up with several of the online students for a four week stay in Puerto Escondido (the west coast) where they will be doing a combination of high school courses, fun adventures such as snorkeling and horseback riding on the beach, and part-time missions work (building a soccer field and an after school program for the local children). She will travel inland for two weeks to Nopala and do a homestay with a Mexican family to experience the language and culture. Here, they will also be doing a children’s ministry and various work projects. The class will take in activities such as a trip to the Mayan ruins, visit an artesian presentation on rug weaving, attend a native dance and dinner, visit archeological sites, to name a few.

I know she will come back changed. How can you not with an experience like that? She will experience a different culture, independence, and hard work. She will meet lots of new friends and probably will keep a couple for life. Carlee jokes that we make her take a cell phone when she goes for a ride around the block on her horse, but we let her go to Mexico for six weeks? All joking aside, we are very confident that that she will be well cared for. We are excited for her, however, I am not looking forward to my “Carlee withdrawl!”

On the bright side, just when my season of “Carlee withdrawl” begins, Maxx comes home from university for the summer! Yay! Maxx will be working for West Fraser, as an “assistant forester” in Chetwynd, BC (about 40 minutes from here). He will have long hours but he is very happy for the position as this fits right into his forestry degree that he is taking at UNBC.

Soon after Carlee returns, her grandparents from Ontario and Aunt and cousin arrive and we will be preparing for her graduation. Carlee was homeschooled for almost all of her schooling except for a couple of courses at the local high school this year. We will be having her graduation “ceremony” and party here on our property. This will attract friends from all over the province. I am sure that will be a post of its own!

Both Carlee and Jonah will be working as lifeguards at our seasonal outdoor pool, here is Hudson’s Hope. I look forward to my aquafit work-outs and get particular pleasure out of having my kids as my instructors 🙂 . Our pool is one of my favorite things about Hudson’s Hope. The winters may be cold but the summers are beautiful and there is nothing like exercising on a beautiful sunny day in the pool!

Fortunately (for me 🙂 ) Carlee has decided to do a “gap” year, meaning she will not go off to university this year. She would like to take a couple of courses and work and save some money. She has been accepted to Trinity Western University in Langely, BC,  but she has deferred it a year.

So lots to do. Getting one kid off to Mexico, helping another move back home for the summer, getting the garden and greenhouse in, getting the house looking nice for company and a graduation ceremony/party….and  preparing for a busy summer of teenagers which is a really good thing! Stocking up on staples….chips, crackers, cookies, ice cream, juice, pop, pizza, lunch meat, cheese, etc. etc. Time for a Costco trip!

With Spring here and summer around the corner, I count my blessings of all God has provided for our family. As my children grow older, I know this season is precious. Embracing the “now” is essential to my happiness. Pre-empty nest, pre-weddings, pre- grandchildren. I look forward to those times as well; but right now I will savor these precious moments and look forward to the memories being made in the near future.

6 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. Eleanor Bertin

    We homeschooled our seven kids for 25 years. I never thought I’d be anything but! Yet here I am with the last child in school and working part-time. For us, the empty nest happened rather abruptly due to the death of our 18-year-old son in 2012 and the nostalgia is a little skewed because of it.The change of seasons is full of emotional baggage, but there are things to be savoured in every season of life. One thing remains the same. God’s unfailing love! Blessings on you as you travel this road.



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