One Gone….Another Returns!

Carlee off to Mexico

So I saw my girl off to Mexico. Carlee is on a six week adventure in Puerto Escondido. Just a recap (of a previous post): Carlee will be travelling with her online school class, Heritage Christian Online School with the 2015 Global Citizenship Program. The grade twelve class of the “brick and mortar” school (Heritage Christian School) out of Kelowna, BC, join up with several of the online students for a four week stay in Puerto Escondido (the west coast) where they will be doing a combination of high school courses, fun adventures such as snorkeling and horseback riding on the beach, and part-time missions work (building a soccer field, working in an orphanage and an after school program for the local children). She will travel inland for two weeks to Nopala and do a homestay with a Mexican family to experience the language and culture. Here, they will also be doing a children’s ministry and various work projects. The class will take in activities such as a trip to the Mayan ruins, visit an artesian presentation on rug weaving, attend a native dance and dinner, visit archeological sites, to name a few.

So much preparation and excitement went into the trip and then we had this challenging week of not knowing if she would even be well enough to go! It was a week of keeping our eyes on God, trusting that whatever His plan was, would be good. She is now on her way, about to make memories of a lifetime. I am going to miss her like crazy. Homeschooling Carlee has been a joy and a privilege.  We are mother and daughter but she is my best friend, my encourager (not to mention my editor J). We love spending time together, however I knew there would come a day where I would need to release her to become the woman of God that He is calling her to be. Now is that time. She has had to travel down to Kelowna to meet a group of kids that she barely knows and then fly to Mexico with them. Although she has had an online connection with some of them through homeschooling, and she did go down to Kelowna in October to get acquainted with the group, it really is out of her comfort zone, meeting so many new people and basically living and travelling with them for six weeks! I am so excited for her and grateful for this opportunity.

It does not seem like long ago I was writing about my woes of Maxx leaving for university! This weekend we are going to Prince George to pick him up and bring him back home for the summer. In September, I didn’t know how I would make it through the year without my sweet-natured, yet strong-in-spirit oldest boy. And here we are. I survived without him and he certainly survived without me! He had a challenging but fantastic year. He held a very heavy workload of first year science and math courses. He adjusted to living in a residence setting. He figured one year was a good experience but has had enough of living life on campus 24/7. Is it possible for a Christian young man to weather the typical university life, faced with temptations like partying and immoral behavior (which is the world’s norm)? Absolutely.

Maxx hunting and gatheringMaxx playing at City Center Church

He will tell you that it was not easy. However, from the very beginning he told his friends that he was a non-drinker. He got it right out on the table. Smart move. He also, hooked up with some like-minded friends, joined a bible study, joined the gym, played on an intermural basketball team, joined the forestry club, took a search and rescue course, found a church, joined a worship team and acquired a very lovely Christian girlfriend. Who has time to party with a schedule like that J? Makes a mother’s heart sing. God is so very faithful.

So the timing is actually perfect. Carlee has just left for Mexico, and Maxx returns a few days later. God knows me well. He is emptying the nest in gentle stages…very slowly and mercifully!

One thought on “One Gone….Another Returns!

  1. carolanneschmuck

    Hi Lorie,

    Another nice posting. Thanks for the pictures.

    I guess you are away to get Maxx now. It is almost like shift work. One leaves and another takes over.

    I bet Jonah will be glad to have Maxx home again.

    I hope you have a safe trip down and back.

    Take care.

    Love…Carol Anne



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