An Urban Retreat

Here I am in Vancouver for a dose of the big city. Well truthfully, I am here for little escape. Some people, most that I know, connect with God  more  in quiet, serene moments, in the midst of nature, beautiful surroundings, in the sanctuary of their home. Me? I seem to feel closest to Him in the heart of the city, amongst the busyiness and bustling of life. I feel centered, more myself; I feel God right beside me. I seem to thrive on the energy around me. I feel inspired and more creative. I don’t understand it but I am beginning to accept this reality.

I am fortunate to have these amazing friends in Vancouver that allow me a safe place to stay in a penthouse condo downtown, right off Robson Street. Don’t get me wrong. I love my home in Hudson’s Hope. Four acres, horses, a huge garden, a lovely house. I am truly blessed to have raised my kids in this beautiful place. However, life is changing for me. The kids are growing up and have their own busy lives. My homeschooling career is coming to an end.  Just before I left, a friend of mine wished me well on my “retreat” and it dawned on me….this was truly a place of retreat for me! So here I am, sitting in a Starbucks, happily typing away with no agenda for the day. Bliss.

To recap on the home front: Maxx, my oldest, has just finished his first year university in the Forestry program at UNBC. He works for a  mill about an hour away. The long days and the commute result in him camping out nearer to his workplace about 3 days a week. When he does come home from his 12 hour work day, he is exhausted. He has about 3 ½ hours of time before he has to get to bed for his very early morning. I am happy, though, that he works close to home, relatively speaking, and he does not have a summer job in some other part of the province! I feel blessed to have him at home for the summer.

Jonah is in public school, grade 10, almost full time this semester. The adjustment has had its ups and downs, however the academic transition from homeschooling to public school has been a very positive. He has got A’s and B’s (mostly A’s!) We are very proud of him with his achievements.

Carlee is still in Mexico, which brings me back to one of the reasons why I am here. I am going to meet her flight in Vancouver in a few days and fly back with her. Although I have missed her very much, her experience has been beyond amazing. In the past 6 weeks, I have been able to be in touch with her most days through Facebook. I can’t imagine what it would have been like for me before this technology. The sweet conversations, the selfies flying back and forth through messenger, allowed me to feel like I was right there with her at times. She has made new lifetime friendships, gained independence, looked many fears in the face and overcome them. She is coming back changed. I will be forever grateful to the Global Citizenship Program through Heritage Christian School and to Gordon Robideau and his staff for making this trip such a life changing experience for Carlee and her peers. The dedication to the students and this program by these amazing individuals is unequal to anything I have experienced before. A big thank you!

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I am the odd man (woman) out in my family. My ideal life would be to sell our four acres and trade in for a small condo with a view of the ocean, right downtown Vancouver. However the reality is that the value of our lovely property would probably still not allow for that, combined with the fact that everyone else is pretty happy where we are. But I am thanking God today for providing me these very special friends and lovely place to come and get refueled, filled up and re-energized to go back and take care of the most special people in my life, Dan, Maxx, Carlee and Jonah.

3 thoughts on “An Urban Retreat

  1. Julie

    Enjoy Loretta. Busy here today with putting up our pea fences, tending rabbits and mowing our
    yard but have a beautiful blue sky day with birds singing to make me remember how Great is our God. I personally have NO desire to live in Vancouver or any other big city even if it has a
    view of the ocean but am very thankful God has brought us together as friends……women of
    Christ, prayer warriors, mothers, etc. May God bless your day. Julie


  2. carolanneschmuck

    Hi Lorie,

    As usual, you did a good job of writing again.

    I guess you are very happy to-day, whatwith Carlee coming back from Mexico. How nice that you will have a great visit with her on the way home.

    I am sure you enjoyed your time alone in Vancouver.

    I am so, so sorry that your Anniversary has crept up on me. Your card will be late. How could I let that happen, especially on your 20th!

    I am so proud of you, in everything you have done.

    I might talk to you to-morrow, if you are home.

    Take care.

    Love…Carol Anne



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