My Favourite Things


These are a few of my favourite things! Brisk walks on the longest freshwater beach in the world, swimming out to the buoy, the stunning sunsets, juicy corn and peach crisp, evening card games with the family….Summer in Wasaga Beach, Ontario; a little slice of heaven.

Every summer, we travel from British Columbia to Ontario to my parents “cottage” (which is the Ontario term for a dwelling near one of the great lakes, even though it is actually a four-season home). This year, my daughter, Carlee (18), and I are staying an extra three weeks longer, after the Canadian Labour Day weekend. The rest of the family goes back to their busy lives in British Columbia, while we get to stay where the beach gets quiet, the lake is warm and the weather remains perfectly summer!

This is Carlee’s “gap” year, meaning she has graduated, however she is not moving on to post-secondary education until next year. She has decided to do a “victory lap” which means she is going back to high school for a couple of extra courses but her year will be more relaxed. For our remaining time here  we will enjoy staying up late, sleeping in, leisure mornings on the front deck reading the paper and spending some quality time with Grandma and Papa. We will be taking a couple of day trips as well as a couple of little adventures: one to Montreal by train, and the other to the Stratford, Ontario to see a Shakespeare play. I am grateful to have this quality time with her before she leaves the nest. I know it is a gift.


Carlee”tubing” with a neighbour friend

Today, I am feelng very blessed and grateful to my hard-working husband who made this lovely time out for Carlee and I possible. Love you, hon <3!

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