Montreal Adventure

Montreal 2What a treat to get away with my daughter, Carlee (18) for a side trip to Montreal. Even the train trip from Toronto to Montreal was relaxing and fun. We debated whether to bring our laptops but now we are very glad that we did. Who knew the train would have wifi? We will be ending our holiday in Edmonton at the Inscribe Writer’s Conference and we both had some pieces that we wanted to polish up so we used the time for doing just that.

My cousin, Karen arrived at the train station to meet us. We took the Metro (subway) back to her place, which is the upper floor of a beautiful 1930’s home in the Westmount area. It is very deceiving from the outsisde.…much larger than one would expect, as it has 3 bedrooms plus a living room, which we are staying in. The living room is just like another bedroom; a closed room on its own with a pull out couch so we have our own space.

While Karen worked today, we went out on an adventure! We had to navigate around using the Metro (subway). I let Carlee take the lead and we did very well (with the help of “google maps” on my phone). We went to “little Italy” to a market called “le marché Jean-Talon”. It was enormous in size with many interesting vendors. We thought we would pick up a couple of goodies for dinner. We went into the cheese shop and bought some award winning sheep cheese! Also, to satisfy our sweet tooth we bought a slab of hazelnut strudel. To make us feel healthy we visited a fruit vendor and samples about 8 different types of plums, peaches and mangos so we bought some fruit as well.

We hopped on the Metro again and found our way to this specialty bagel bakery which made authentic Montreal bagels in the fire ovens so we bought some of those too.

We walked for a while to St. Laurent street, found a little café and stopped for lunch to relax for a bit. Feeling re-engergized, we ventured out and did some shopping. We stumbled upon and very non-descript store (still don’t know the name of it) that sold “reject” clothing. Designer type clothes with something not quite right about them. So cheap! Carlee bought a denim trench coat for $20 that was missing a belt. What a find!

Writing time at Chez Fred

Writing time at Chez Fred

After stopping home to grab our laptops, we ended our afternoon at Chez Fred’s for an authentic chocolate croissant, an espresso and some writing time. Some friends commented on Facebook how they envied my relationship with my daughter. It is something I don’t take for granted 🙂

2 thoughts on “Montreal Adventure

  1. Barbara Shenk

    So happy for you!!! Wish I could do something like that with my girls again!! Maybe sometime it will work out??? Bless you guys and continue to enjoy!!!! Love you!!!



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