Question For My Readers

So far so good with my transition. Homeschooling is officially over and I have no trouble keeping busy, still managing the lives and schedules of my family amongst other things. However, I have been pondering my blog and wondering what direction I should take it in. Originally, this blog was little bit about homeschooling teens and a lot about some of the fun activities my kids and their friends were involved in. My purpose was to show people that kids could make a choice to live against the norm of the world  (ie. drinking, partying, dating recreationally). Now that my son is in university and my daughter who has recently graduated and has one foot out the door,  I am thinking I may change the direction of this blog a little bit.

A wise fellow writer suggested that I ask the opinion of my readers. I have 174 followers and I am thinking I may know about 50 of you. Most of you follow because you are wonderful friends and family that support my writing. The other 124, I really have no idea who you are. I am wondering if I could kindly ask readers to engage in a little survey to help me take this blog into a direction that would be enjoyable and maybe even helpful for some of my readers? Here are some new ideas for this blog:

  1. Life after homeschooling: focussing more on the kids and their endeavors
  2. Life of change: the pre-empty nest syndrome. The focus would be more on my journey of what comes next for me personally as a middle-aged former homeschooling mom
  3. Lessons learned from home educating older kids

I would really value your opinion. I know I do have some young people following. I would love to hear from you! I am also open to suggestions that are not on the above list! Please comment below or you can find me on facebook if you prefer to message me privately.

Thanks for your input!

4 thoughts on “Question For My Readers

  1. Barbara Shenk

    I like the 2nd one:-) That is what is happening now and of course you could add some of the other two things at times too. People relate to what is real for the person and I think it can help others to see that they are normal in some of their feelings about this change in life. People do go through some things differently because we are different but there might be comments that could help people and they might have things that they have learned that would help you and us too!?? Just my thoughts:-)



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