Any Questions for a Retired Home Educator?

Well I’m not really retired. I am just not homeschooling anymore but it was a huge part of the past sixteen or seventeen years of my life. In my last post, I asked readers what they would like to read about in my blog. Here were the questions:

  • Life after homeschooling: focussing more on the kids and their endeavors
  • Life of change: the pre-empty nest syndrome. The focus would be more on my journey of what comes next for me personally as a middle-aged former homeschooling mom
  • Lessons learned from home educating older kids

Most answers came through text and facebook message and thank you to everyone who responded! The results seem to be almost an even split between the three questions with a few more interested in lessons learned from home educating. Pondering this, I was thinking this exercise really failed as it didn’t really help me pinpoint a new direction for this blog. But after more thought I thought perhaps I will just do all three.

Since I have quite a few followers who are homeschoolers I think I will start on a series which involves looking back on my homeschool career.

So for my homeschool followers, here is another question! What do you want to know?

Here are some ideas:

  1. How do I get started?
  2. Cirriculum that worked for me.
  3. How do I homeschool highschool?
  4. What would I do differently?
  5. Can a blend of homeschooling and public school work together?

I am happy to share my experience on any topic regarding homeschooling.

Please feel free to reply on this blog or facebook message me.

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