Interview with Kersten Spinney- Homeschool Graduate


Kersten is 19 years old and was homeschooled until grade 9. She was a delight to interview and I really appreciate her being willing to share her homeschool experience! 

How long did you homeschool?

Until I was half way through grade nine.  Then I started going to the public school.

Can you describe your homeschooling experience?

Oh boy. Fun, fun, fun, good, good, nice, not so nice and then it was into the public school system I went. That’s may sound discouraging, I know, but it was really not. I am thankful that I was homeschooled and I think it was a good fit for me. By the time it ended, it was clear to myself and my mom that it was time for me to try public school.

What were the advantages of homeschooling?

I was able to learn in a more relaxed setting which I believe  helped me learn more I than I would have in public school. I am pretty sure if I had been in public school from the beginning, I would have struggled the whole way through, and it would probably have taken a toll on my self -confidence.  Being homeshooled, I was not comparing my progress rate to anyone else. I was learning at my own pace and it worked well for me.

What were some of your best homeschooling memories?

Mom reading to my sister and I. She would read us a story book or a history book while we listened and I always drew. For history, we had timelines that we filled in as we went and those were pretty cool. We had them hanging in our house for many years after they were finished.

Were there any disadvantages of homeschooling and if so could you describe them?

The main one I can think of, is that since it was all more relaxed and deadlines were not really an issue, my sense of time management never really kicked in. When I did go to public school the whole, “homework and assignments being due on certain days”, was a bit of a learning curve.
Has homeschooling hindered your opportunities for post-secondary education? 

I do not think it was a hindrance. I want to get into Medical School eventually. I would love to become a doctor. I know that means four years of post secondary (hopefully that will start this coming fall), four years in Medical School (maybe more) and anywhere from three to seven years working on a specialty which would be actually working in the hospitals .  As you can see it will be a piece of cake ….. I could do it with my eyes closed (cough cough). Seriously, I know it will be a long hard road but I am pretty sure that if it is what God is calling me too, and right now I really feel it is, He will help get me through.




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