Interview with Maxx Bouillon – Homeschool Graduate

Maxx Bouillon gives an honest account of his homeschooling experience. He is a man of few words, however he manages to get his point us across clearly. 🙂


Maxx building his cabin 

How long did you homeschool?

Until grade 10.

Can you describe your homeschooling experience?

It was great. I am really glad I homeschooled up until when I did. It allowed me to become closer to my brothers and sisters than if we were all at school all day.

What were the advantages of homeschooling?

It allowed me to learn according to my own style of learning which is “hands on”. I had a lot of free time for projects such as building a doghouse and a go-cart with my brother, numerous forts and tree forts, working on bikes and my favourite…. experimenting with things that explode :). On a serious note, we studied so many interesting units while homeschooling, like medieval history, government, mapping and flags, (to name a few) that my socials teacher in grade 10, was amazed at how many facts I knew (and I had never opened a text book.)

What were some of your best homeschooling memories?

Building endless forts and playing in the bush with my friends (when other kids were at school!) I spent a lot of time building circuits and doing electrical experiments. I enjoyed doing school at my own pace so I could the things that really interested me. One memory that stands out as being a lot of fun was putting on a medieval feast with friends during our history unit.

Were there any disadvantages of homeschooling and if so could you describe them?

When I went to public high school in grade 10, I had never taken notes before while a teacher was talking. I found that difficult. I also found it hard to ask for help.

Has homeschooling hindered your opportunities for post-secondary education?

It has not hindered me at all. I am now in my 2nd year at University of Northern British Columbia in Forestry.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

From what I’ve seen, homeschooling works much better if you start from the beginning. To pull a kid out of school and then start homeschooling is possible, but is much more challenging.


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