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Interview with Tandy Balson

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I have recently come across the most beautiful, uplifting book! It was written by a colleague of mine, Tandy Balson. Tandy is an author, inspirational Blogger and public speaker. Dragonflies, Snowdrifts and Spice Cake is a collection of stories/meditations about the insignificant things we easily take for granted in everyday life. Tandy has a gift which connects these ordinary things with deep meaningful insights, that speak to the heart and allows the light of God to shine through. This is a follow-up book to Inspirations From Everyday Life.

By reading a little bit of Dragonflies, Snowdrifts and Spice Cake every day, you will take time out of your busy life to step into the world of beauty, peace and encouragement. I love how Tandy relates the dragonfly to symbolize change. She writes, “It is immature for most of its life and only able to fly for a mere fraction of it. For this reason, for the short time it has, it needs to live its life to the fullest. This living in the moment is what resonates with me.” Isn’t that the truth? I need to live more in the moment and less looking ahead into the future focusing on the worries of tomorrow. Living in the moment is how God is asking us to live. One of my favourite bible verses is: “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”  (Matthew 6:34 NIV)

If you are looking for a thoughtful gift for a friend who has everything, this is the book.

 My interview with Tandy Balson: 

What is your book about?

“The book is a collection of short inspirational stories (or meditations/devotions) that are based on everyday things in life. In it, I attempt to gently guide people to see that God is all around us and shows his love in many ways.”

How did you get into writing?

“Writing was something that snuck up on me.  Looking back I can see how God gave me glimpses of inspiration over the years but my insecurities kept me from doing anything with them.  At one point, while my husband and I were on vacation, these inspirations came daily and were so vivid that I needed to write them down.  The words flowed freely and this was the start of my writing journey.  I feel my life purpose is to gently lead and making a difference by touching hearts with the light and love of Jesus.”

What gives you inspiration for your writing?

“God has given me a gift of finding inspiration in ordinary, everyday things and conversations.  It may be as simple as watching children play or as complex as the forces of nature.  I’ve had friends joke that they need to be careful what they say around me because it may end up in a story!”

I understand you do inspirational speaking? Could you tell us what you speak about?

I have been an Inspirational Speaker since 2000.  During this time I have spoken at Women’s Retreats, one day events and as a featured speaker at other events.  I have also spoken widely for Stonecroft Ministries in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.  My talks center around themes such as taking our lives and making them better and finding the value in challenging situations.  One of my more popular talks is called If Better Is Possible, Is Good Good Enough?  This is the story of how I took a good life and made it better. My goal is to help people see their value and to embrace the possibilities that God surrounds them with.  Sharing these messages is a passion for me and I welcome any inquiries through my website.

Where do you live and tell us a little bit about your daily life?

“My husband and I live in Airdrie, Alberta.  I work part-time in a lovely little gift shop in our area.  One of my favourite activities is going to a water aerobics class and you will find several stories in the book that were inspired by my exercise time!”

Tell me about your family? Do you have any parenting advice?

“I have two children who are married and have children of their own.  Two of my grandchildren are now teens, one just turned 13 and another is almost 15.  My husband and I faced some pretty big challenges with our teens but managed to get through it! For those going through this, know that there is light at the end of the tunnel!  We are very proud of the adults they’ve become.  We also have five younger grandchildren, ages 7,6 and 5 year old triplets.”

Where can we buy your books?

“The book is available through my website as well as through the online bookstore of the publisher Friesen Press. It will also be available from Amazon and Kindle, Kobo, iBooks and Chapters.Indigo. I’d also like to encourage people to visit my blog and to sign up for my newsletter.  Anyone purchasing Dragonflies, Snowdrifts and Spice Cake during the week of April 20th can also receive an ebook of my first book, Inspirations From The Everyday.  By visiting my website and leaving me their email address I will send a code to download a book through iBooks.

Tandy Balson

Tandy Balson