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Snowboarding and crazy boys

This has become the latest favourite sport in our family. I am not sure what you call it! Maxx is being pulled behind a snowmobile with his friend Zach driving and his brother, Jonah filming. Check it out!


A Nap? The More the Merrier!

The more the merrier!

Three weeks of convalescence, after surgery, I felt a need to get out of the house. I ventured out to church with my kids, Maxx included, who is home from university. The church looked lovely and Christmassy and it was wonderful to be with my extended family again! A couple of friends gave us some meals and food to take home. Spaghetti sauce from one friend and a turkey meal from another. God has really provided me with good friends which I am very grateful for.

After church, we went to the grocery store to pick up some treats for the kids’ Lord of the Rings movie night marathon as well as Jonah and Maxx’s upcoming two-day camp out. When we got home, I was directing traffic as to what food went where and sorting out what we would have for lunch and then dinner. A wave of overwhelmedness and exhaustion hit me like a ton of bricks. I felt like I had spent my allotted energy for the day.

I escaped to my room. I flicked on my electric fire-place and snuggled into my cozy bed….Ahhhhhh. For three weeks I craved company as I was recovering, sometimes lonely in bed. Now, after just a couple of busy hours, I longed for my bed. My daughter, Carlee came in to talk to me so I patted the bed as to say “hop in!” She crawled in and we were resting and talking a bit when her friend Kieran walked in looking for Carlee. “Jump in….”I said. Kieran gladly crawled under the covers. A few minutes later, Jonah came in looking for Kieran. I suppose the bed just looked to cozily irresistible so he jumped in as well. Now the volume had just amped up more than slightly. A few minutes after that, Jonah’s older brother Maxx, walked in the room and dove in on top of everyone. Soon Jonah and Maxx were “wet-willying” one another (definition: licking their finger and wiggling it in the other person’s ear; a form of torture) wrestling on the bed. Laughter and yelling broke out. Kieran grabbed her phone and snapped a shot of this memory and in no time I was looking at it on Facebook realizing how truly blessed my life was. I then moved to the couch

Pancakes on the Barbecue

We woke up to a power outage this morning. “Mom, I have an assignment due today in Comparative Civilizations… I need the internet!” After 12 years of homeschooling, my daughter, Carlee has decided to take a couple of courses in the public high school this year. We are having a part homeschool, part public school semester. Due to the teacher’s strike, it is only the third day of school. She does not have to be at the school until noon so she was counting on this time in the morning to finish her assignment.

My bigger dilemma was that I did not have any way of making my coffee! For those that know me, this is NOT a good situation. In desperation, I tried to make an instant coffee with tap water—the luke warm tap water that was left over in the tank since the power had gone out. Deciding to overlook our inconveniences and count our blessings, I gathered everyone to the couch for our morning inspirational devotion reading and a prayer. We decided to be thankful for all the good things in the day.

My younger son, Jonah, was also taking his first course in the public school and his course is first thing in the morning. We were waiting, wondering if the school bus was going to come (and if school was even open)? Now living in Northern British Columbia, we are not unaccustomed to power outages in even -20 to -40 degree weather. Today it was a balmy 3 degrees. It just felt cold, as still being September, and we were not yet acclimatized. We lit some candles, trying to make it as cozy as possible. The prayer time was good with the kids and Jonah got on the bus. Carlee and her friend Kieran went down to the basement to start a fire and do their school work down in their pajamas in the warmth.

A thoughtful friend texted me, asking if I needed anything. “Hot coffee!” I texted back half-joking, but perhaps unconsciously hoping for a solution. She offered to fire up her barbecue and bring me a thermos of boiled water. A true friend. There was a trick to starting our barbecue as the starter is broken. That was the boy’s department. I kind of know how to do it but kind of was not sure. So I offered to come and pick up my thermos of boiled water at her place.

My friend lived right across from the school. Jonah called me soon after I went there and said that there was a Facebook post this morning saying it was an “optional” day at school and that he was just playing poker in his math class (an educational math game). Well first of all, who looks at their Facebook at 8:00 in the morning? (many apparently) AND secondly, how could we check Facebook without wi-fi (I guess this is where a data plan on a phone comes in handy—something we do not have). I told him to walk over to my friend’s house and I would drive him home. It was actually good, as he was able to help her bring in a bunch of wood to dry out for her fire.

Arriving back home with hot coffee and two thermoses of hot water, we sat down to do some old-fashioned text-book type school. But after about five minutes Jonah announced that he was making pancakes on the barbecue. While I type this, I have three wonderful teens preparing some gourmet pancakes (I requested mine with cheese in the middle which they all think is a bit weird…theirs will be loaded with blueberries and chocolate chips and doused in maple syrup). I feel very grateful at the moment for the small blessings in life.  I have decided that seeing the cup half full definitely makes for a better day despite the circumstances!IMG_5275

Maxx’s Tea Party

10468067_10202627186497663_1930236975352422112_n (1)10423830_10202627158496963_8426200273036567803_n (1)

“Mom, Trevor and I are having a tea party.” Huh? My 18 year old son wants to have a tea party? Why not? Maxx and Trevor work together at the pool. Both being young men, who made the choice not to drink alcohol, they were talking about tea. Maxx likes to collect various plants in the wild, and make tea out of it. There is often some kind of concoction brewing on my stove. Sometimes it smells enticing and sometimes not. Their discussion led to, ” Why not have a BYOT (bring your own tea) party?”

Maxx's tea biscuits

Maxx’s tea biscuits

Trevor's muffins

Trevor’s muffins

So when Maxx came to me with the idea of having a tea party, suggesting the festivity take place after he works a twelve hour day, on the same day as when I had to go to the next town to pick up Jonah, my youngest from the airport, I asked him who was going to prepare for this tea party? He assured me he would and that I wouldn’t have to worry about doing anything as he knew it was a busy day for me. He was having out of town guests come to this function and was trying to find a day that worked for everyone. Maxx’s idea of throwing a tea party (which he requested be a semi-formal event) was putting a bunch of tea out on the counter and mugs and everyone help themselves. Clearly my son needed a bit of help. I grumbled a bit thinking…”I guess I am preparing for this tea party” and my daughter said a very wise thing to me. She said, “Mom! Your 18 year old son wants to have a TEA PARTY!” ….meaning, I should count my blessings my son is excited about a tea party. Point taken.  With the help of some lovely female friends, we sprang into action: Out came Grandma’s teacups, china, goodies, candles and soft jazz music. Three kettles of water boiling and several pots of interesting teas brewing as well as a couple of iced teas. A selection of interesting flavours of tea arranged artfully. And of course I cannot forget the tea biscuits and muffins that Maxx and Trevor made ahead of time! That actually was particularly impressive!



10610541_10202627187137679_6755752867841839369_n (1)

Maxx and Joel

The hosts arrived a  after their long day at work, along with their guests (some arrived before them) and everyone was dressed for the occasion. It was a beautiful summer evening so people chose their tea and their goodies and went out to the deck.

The evening was a success of drinking tea, visiting and playing board games. As I watched this amazing group of kids, my heart sang and I vowed to never grumble again when my son informs me he is having a tea party! (or anything of a similar nature).


Joey, Grace and Jonah

Grace and Carlee

Grace and Carlee


Katie Caralee, Grace and Kersten

Katie Caralee, Grace and Kersten


Women’s Retreat

So I am on the mend….up and about today, however I am looking forward when coffee tastes good again! Carlee, just completed her National Lifeguard safety course. Six weeks of hard work and she is done. She was carried with lots of prayer and encouragement from friends. So happy for her!

Carlee and I are off to a Women’s Retreat, in Ness Lake (Prince George, BC). Carlee has been battling an upset tummy and fatigue today but we are praying and believing we will be ready to go at 11:00 am tomorrow feeling well and healthy! I have been going to this retreat for 16 years, missing only three years, I think. The first time I went, I took Carlee with me. She was six months old (she is now almost 17!) and it was an amazing weekend. I was a new Christian and that is the weekend I received much healing and was water-baptized. This annual retreat has become a mother and daughter retreat. Four of my good friends and myself are all bringing our daughters. It is a weekend of worship (wonderful music and dancing), prayer, quiet time, fellowship and teaching. My very good friend from Vanderhoof, Anne Klassen, is the key speaker. I am so excited. I am going expecting all of us to meet with God and be filled up to overflowing with his Holy Spirit! It will be a precious time…….so needed, time away with God. If you cannot get to a retreat, make sure you make time for Him. Make your own special time with God. Just sit in his presence for a few minutes a day and talk to Him. He is ready to listen!