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There are no words…..

HMMMNNNNN… do I explain my Jonah? Jonah was my easiest birth and most content baby. On the other hand he is the child who got into EVERYTHING and that had the most time-outs as a kid. He is very strong willed which when chanelled in the right direction translates into a super-creative, personable idea man!

Let’s take a normal day of school with Jonah. He is homeschooled which allows a certain set of freedoms. Jonah could be doing an assignment but suddenly this familiar look comes over his face and he says the notorious “I have an idea!” I recongize the look. I know I am going to lose him for a time. I need to let him go. He needs to create whatever invention has popped into his mind. He will wander into the kitchen and start pulling out some chemicals….(baking soda, vinegar…you get the picture) OR go rummage through is “electrical bin” to begin building some gadget OR both to work on a project that involves a remote-controlled explosion. Some days he will end up in the shop and I will hear the grinder or saw or hammering or something. Other times he will beg me to go to the dump or the thrift store or the hardware store to get the certain piece he absolutely NEEDS to make his creation possible. It is all learning, freedom of expression and a good lesson in flexibility and patience on for mom!

Maxx and Jonah making a dog house

Jonah and Maxx’s homemade go cart…completed with a sound system


Jonah loves his time with the Junior Canadian Rangers. He has hiked mountains, taken trips to cadet/army bases and learned all sorts of new skills and met interesting people. He even got to fly to Edmonton to the Daisy Air Rifle shooting contest last month. He loves building camps and doing exploring with his brother, Maxx. He could live off the land if need be, I am sure.

Jonah is my third child to get hired at our local outdoor pool. He will be working as a casual Jr. Lifeguard this summer. We are so blessed to have such a lovely pool which is my aquafit haven and employment to my children! (and they are my aquafit instructors 🙂 )

He loves God/Jesus. Loves his bible. Since Jonah was baptized in the lake 2 summers ago, he began reading his bible before bed. Jonah always had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep as a child. Recently someone asked me if he still struggled at night. I realized that I think there is a definate connection to when he starting reading his bible at night…he began sleeping better. It has become a discipline with Jonah. I never have to tell him. Actually, sometimes I hear myself saying…turn out the light and go to bed! and then I catch myself……the kid is reading his bible! I marvel at it actually, because I had nothing to do with it (well I did give him a “camo” bible which is pretty cool. I know this is where Jonah’s strength comes from.

Junior Canadian Ranger Hike with Dad - Battleship Mountain

Junior Canadian Ranger Hike with Dad – Battleship Mountain

A day in the life of Jonah and Maxx

A day in the life of Jonah and Maxx


A Bit About My kids – Carlee


Today I will introduce my sweet daughter, Carlee. She is 16 years old and my best friend! We love hanging out together. I had to check with her as I was writing this just to make sure she does like hanging out with me as much as I like hanging out with her 🙂 . She has the coolest bedroom that we hang out in together, sometimes to read, write or paint (that is my new thing).  Her bedroom gets a bit messy for my liking, however she claims it is because it is the hub and everyone hangs out there and leaves their mess behind!  She acquired an overstuffed, comfy chair from the dump where she spent much time scouring to make it worthy for her room. She has interesting artwork on her deep turquoise walls (her own and others work). Carlee's mural on her bedroom wall

I don’t know what I did right in life to deserve her. Seriously, she is just such a wise and lovely young woman (I am a bit biased!). You can get understand where her heart and head is at if you read her dating and modesty posts on this blog. She loves to read lots of things and especially loves to read her bible. It is where her strength comes from. She gives us no grief…is not interested in dating before she gets the “go ahead” from God, however does look forward to a family when the time is right. The man in her life at the moment is a handsome morgan-draft-quarterhorse.Carlee and Hudson

She has lovely friends, which are an amazing blessing to me (you know who you are!). Carlee is the opposite of what I was as a teenager (I know you are reading this mom… wasn’t for lack of trying 🙂 ).

Carlee is self-motivated academically which really helps in the upper years of homeschooling. She takes piano and teaches piano (I am one of her students!). She takes art and teaches art (I am one of her students!). (check out her website: She is also a gifted writer…(check out her blog: Carlee works in the summers as a lifeguard and a swimming instructor at the Hudson’s Hope Pool.

Carlee is not quite sure what she wants to do after high school (in one year), however she is looking forward to a “gap” year where she says she will have more time to do the things she enjoys most : riding her horse, art, drawing, writing and music. She is thinking of possibly doing a missions trip somewhere.

Carlee’s pet’s, Hudson, Daisy and Mr. Twizzle!…and her wonderful friend Kieran!

Carlee's pencil sketch of Hudson001Mr. Twizzle (2)Pencil





A Bit About My Kids – Maxx

I suppose I assumed everyone reading this blog knew who my kids were but apparently not! Here is a little introduction on my oldest son: (I will post on my other two children separately)


He is 18 years old. He was homeschooled up until grade 10 which is when he went to the public school here. He took a year between high school and university which was a good thing. Spending two months in fall in Ottawa, with good friends, Maxx gained some independence. He drove in 5 lane traffic, learned how to take public transit (we have no such thing here in Hudson’s Hope! ) He found a church on his own (with really great music) and attended a young adults group and met some new friends.  He worked some odd jobs, did some portage camping and even drove to New York City with his Uncle Wayne! (I am so jealous 🙂  )

Although Maxx really enjoyed his experiences in Ottawa, he came back home with a new outlook. He decided not to got to BCIT in Vancouver, for school, as he did not want to live in a big city or live that far away from family and his home. He had a new appreciation of the area he lived in (northern British Columbia, Peace River area) and he realized that his home is a refuge . That was music to my ears! He said that he always heard me say, ” I want our home to be a refuge”, meaning home was a place to feel safe; feel God,  and take a break from the pressures of the world. That does not mean that our home is necessarily quiet, it is often anything but with lots of the kids’ friends here. However, our day starts slow, with time with God as a group and alone. It is easier to be a Christian at home he said. We are free to invite God to be a part of our day all day long.

In this year, Maxx has been working as a lifeguard in the next town over in Chetwynd, BC. It was a crash course in winter driving. All winter, Maxx’s car has been filled with camping equipment because instead of driving home if he had two shifts in a row, he would find a spot and camp. No tent, just a “lean-to”. If it was -20 it was more fun for him. It was always reachable by text….sometimes I would text him at 10:00pm and ask what he was doing and he would say, “playing my harmonica or reading” (usually his bible). “Where did this kid come from?” His dad would say to me. 🙂

These days, he straps the kayak onto the roof of his Honda Civic and stops at a lake on the way to work. He will hike some hill or mountain along the way. Yes, I worry about bears or him going missing, like any mom would, but ultimately it generates a lot of prayer! He feels closer to God in nature which is a good thing. Some parents worry about their kids out at parties and wonder who they are with etc…I worry about him up some mountain.

Maxx is a kind and gentle young man of God finding his way in the world. He will be attending UNBC, in September for Forestry. I will miss him like crazy but I am excited to see what God has in store for him.